Brewer’s Alley Songwriters’ Showcase, Monday Oct 7

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First of all, I apologize for not getting a blog out last week – I had a couple of time-sensitive writing projects and just couldn’t get to it. Hopefully, that will not happen again!

The featured songwriter at Brewer’s Alley Songwriters’ Showcase on Monday, Oct 7, is Nashville-based JEFF MILLER, king of the looper pedal!

While most singer-songwriters are content to accompany their voices with unadorned guitar, Jeff prefers to build layer upon layer of sound with the aid of his looper pedal, which records what he plays and plays it back as he adds another layer on top. The results of this approach are shimmering soundscapes that sound like a full band, sometimes with orchestra… Come and check him out! Jeff is one busy performer – he’s presently on a tour that is 40 gigs in 30 days!

I struggled for a while to think who Jeff’s sound reminded me of, but eventually dredged up from my musical memory banks the ‘80s releases (A Walk Across the Rooftops and Hats) of the Glaswegian (Glasgow, Scotland) trio, The Blue Nile – but Jeff does it all himself!

The piano prelude this Monday is from JIM MOON, sneaking across the river from Hamilton, VA, to play another solo session away from his band, Moon Music. Jim plays a lot of old classic rock songs, early Dylan, James Taylor and pretty much anything anybody asks for, plus some great Scott Joplin ragtime. My favorite is his snarling, mocking version of Dylan’s All Along the Watchtowers, which is alone worth the price of admission…

Three-song cameos this week are from HUMBLE TRIPE  out of Durham, NC; singer-songwriter Shawn Luby and Stud Green touring as a duo  (they have a new CD, The Giving coming out in a couple of weeks), another regular from across the river, TODD COYLE‎ who has been coming to play at Brewer’s Alley bringing peace and love since we moved the showcase here in 2007, and our favorite Frederick escapee musician, DOUG ALAN WILCOX, now of Hagerstown, he of the jazzy chords and mellow delivery…

Of course, we have music and poetry from our regulars, too – TODD C. WALKER, TOMY WRIGHT and ROD DEACEY, with poetry from JOHN HOLLY and ROD DEACEY, and percussion from RON GOAD, TOMY WRIGHT and maybe WALT WAGNER on his cajón (not a drink stand!)…

We had a terrific evening last Monday, with great piano and songs from Jean Bayou, and an excellent supporting cast: Nikia Sayre, Domenic Cicala, Larry Mediate, Davey O., Jim Clark — all stellar musicians! You should have been there!


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