The Role of Frederick’s Transportation Services Advisory Council (TSAC)

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Most people probably don’t realize that there is a group of transportation professionals and many volunteers who have an interest in promoting sustainable and efficient transportation systems right here in Frederick County. The Transportation Services Advisory Council, or TSAC,  is tasked by the Board of County Commissioners to identify transportation trends and issues, increase public awareness of transportation alternatives, and  influence public policy by advising Frederick County elected officials and decision-makers on the development of a comprehensive and coordinated regional transportation network.

Members range from elected officials to employees of the state, County and local municipalities to commuters who want to advocate for safer and less stressful routes to work. There are also business and community service agencies members.  Every other month, TSAC meets to discuss current and future transportation projects and issues that affect Frederick County. From bus routes and commuter services, to planning for roads projects and cycling/walking paths, TSAC tackles issues that are relevant to anyone who works or lives in Frederick County.

Membership terms are limited, so TSAC is always looking for people who are interested in the transportation arena to step forward to serve when someone leaves the Council.  Individuals may serve as At-Large (simply because they have expertise and/or knowledge, as an individual, which can help TSAC meet goals), Business, or Community Agency representatives.  There are many businesses and agencies in Frederick County which serve customers and clients who are affected by transportation planning issues, and we welcome public interest and input!

For more information about joining TSAC or attending a meeting to learn more, please send an e-mail to , visit the TSAC webpage at or call (301) 600-2065.


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