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Well, it has been quite a while since the snake trapper wrote a column. Of course snake season has been quite busy even in the cool weather. This snake season has been one of the most busiest since I started my career in this field.

I feel truly blessed. This may be a profession that one rarely would choose but it is the love of the snake and dedication to the people that makes it all worth while.

The reason I decided to write about talking to nature is since my mother passed away recently so unexpectedly it brought back al ot of memories. So I dedicate this to you, Mom.

You are never alone in nature. There is something always living around you — whether it's the wind blowing through the trees on a crisp autumn day or the sound of a creek with water flowing over the rocks.

My mother taught me many things growing up. Maybe we did not have enough money to always have material things, but we had food, shelter and clothing.

On a beautiful day, regardless of the season, she would tell me to go outside to not only enjoy nature but to listen and talk to nature. I thought people would think I was crazy if I was talking to nature.

But I did talk to nature. When I would hike in the woods I could hear the chipmunks, squirrels, birds and even the slither of a snake and I would say I am not alone because every living thing around me was alive.

Many times I would sit under a tree and take in the fresh breeze and the smell of the season. I would also look under rocks and notice the different smells while looking for snakes.

Plants, animals, insects and even the snake have a purpose on this earth. They help keep it clean and balanced. That is why when I listen and talk to nature I feel balanced.

So now no matter where I hike, climb or walk I observe, listen and take in all nature has to offer more than I ever did before.

These days as I try to heal from the loss of my mother I fully understand what she met.

So what are you waiting you for? Get out and enjoy nature, the change of the leaves, the crisp fresh air, and most of all talk to nature as she truly hears you.


Tammy McCormack is a licensed DNR Professional Snake Trapper. She writes an online column for

Rest in peace Mom I miss you and you were the one who inspired me to become a snake trapper.

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