Social Media Monitoring Done Right

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Monitoring your company’s social media accounts can heavily influence and promote your company’s products and brand. However, proper preparation is required for you to see any noticeable changes. Monitoring social media accounts is more than just interacting with your current customers, it also entails that you, the company, make an effort to reach out to potential customers.

How does one go about that? It can be a daunting task to understand the steps – especially if they were untold to you.

Do I listen or do I speak? Another question that peaks the interests of many social media branded companies.

Following steps detailed below can help answer these questions and get you started on a clear path to success with social media monitoring.

Understand Your Objective

Monitoring social media websites consistently without an objective is similar to running a marathon without knowing the course. There is no clear destination or path within the situation and can cause an overwhelming amount of stress with an underwhelming number of results.

Defining a clear and tangible objective will give you a better sense on what to look for and can yield the best results. Such objectives include:

  • “I want to know when people are saying negative comments about my company/brand.”
  • “I want to find new marketing strategies through social networking and utilize them to reach a larger audience.”
  • “I’m monitoring the type of keywords people utilize when mentioning my brands.”

The objective you choose can fall within any spectrum of these questions and can go much farther. However, it will be necessary to know what you want to monitor prior to doing it.

Build a Case Study

When you begin monitoring social media, it becomes more apparent that an objective is only part of the preparation into beginning. Building a case study to better show yourself and your employees how to execute the monitoring process will be vital.

For example, if you were a college or University looking to monitor social media as a means for gaining access to more potential students, a case study would be ideal. Evaluating all local and foreign colleges and universities, specifically those who are ranked as some of the most attended schools, will be a basis for the case study.

Targeting current high school students, recent high school graduate program-seekers and even those who seek active duty education programs will be the bulk of the case study. A thorough analysis of these types of students will help you better inform your employees what to be on the lookout for and how to approach new objectives.

Begin the Monitoring Process

Now that you have fully prepared yourself, it will be time to monitor the social networks. It will be important for you to:

  1. Analyze and note which social media channels works better for your monitoring after several weeks of combing through all of them. Stick with the channels that you know will yield the best results.
  2. Separate each category (i.e. feedback vs. products vs. service) in order to stay focused on what is important.
  3. Determine which keywords, phrases and company names you want to monitor. This helps you get insight on what is important to you.
  4. Listen first, talk later. Knowing what the community on social media is saying about your product and company without interrupting it will give you a better gist of what people truly think and allows you to readjust branding and services if necessary.
  5. Build relationships within the community. Seeking out the influencers and building long-term relationships can only seek to better your company monitoring strategy.

Keep your eyes peeled at all times for any indicators on social media that can better help with branding and promoting for your company.


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