The Collector’s Haven

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I consider myself to be an old-school gamer. Stop by my house and you’ll find my NES, Dreamcast and Model 1 Genesis lying around along with my small collection that I still play from time to time. I’ve always had a passion of collecting older games for the NES, SNES & Genesis. Even back in high school, I placed posters all around the school in the hopes of me finding success. Now that I’m in my late 20’s, I have more resources at my disposal to find those rare games I missed out on.

As I was driving around Frederick last week, I found a sign that said “Play Raven, Frederick’s New Video Game Store”. Curious, I decided to make a trip out there. It’s on Industry Lane which right by the Best Buy. When I walked in the store, I saw games lined up on the wall and they ranged from the classic Atari 7600 to the more modern XBOX 360/PS3 with everything else in between. The store felt cozy; especially seeing the two Sega Genesis setups with couches. I don’t know if many stores, if any, has this type of nostalgic charm to it and I was definitely digging the vibe. I’m a big retro fan and I felt that I was in the right place. The store give you the true market value of every game and console; which I feel is very fair. I say this because I hate going into a Gamestop and trading in a game I bought 3 months ago and only getting $5 for it. Here, you won’t see that happen. What I like most about the store is the inventory they carry. I was surprised to a top loading NES, which goes for a pretty penny nowadays since it was released towards the end of the console lifecycle. In addition, the inventory ALWAYS changes since there are people out there always buying or trading in games. The owner of Play Raven goes by the name of Victor. He’s a pretty knowledgeable and chill guy who knows retro gaming in and out.

There aren’t any retro gaming retailers in Frederick & there is a niche market for all and everything retro. Sure, you can hit up your local flea market but you won’t find much there. As an old-school gamer who has much love for the classics, I strongly recommend you stopping by Play Raven. You won’t be disappointed.

Play Raven of Frederick


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