Pinterest Rolls out First Sponsored Pins

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In a recent blog post, the popular visual social networking site, Pinterest, announced a new feature set to appear on users’ pages soon. In a constant effort to ensure a bright future, the site is introducing the implementation of sponsored posts. Quick to address immediate concerns, the CEO assures users that the posts will be relevant, tasteful and honest.

It is no secret that social media users are typically not big fans of advertisements taking over their sacred newsfeeds, so how will Pinterest be different? Will it be different? With the fear of losing the site’s genuine user-sharing nature, let’s take a further look into what these posts look like.

How do they work?

Similarly to targeted ads, the sponsored posts will appear in users’ search queries. In simple terms, businesses will be paying to display their ads when certain terms are searched for. For example, if someone searches for a financial planning diagram, a company offering infrastructure project financing might pay for an ad to appear in the results.

Will users notice?

Pinterest claims that throughout this upgrade, the user is still their top priority. Therefore, transparency and functionality are promised to remain. In the honest nature of the ads, Pinterest promises that each one will say “Promoted Pin” and will provide a quick synopsis of the business from which it came. This will both create honesty between the user and advertiser, while helping businesses to further promote themselves. The social media platform also promises to not flood newsfeeds with the posts and aims to ensure users notice the change as little as possible.

How can businesses benefit?

The implementation of sponsored ads is certainly a potentially beneficial outlet for businesses. As another way to directly reach relevant consumers, you are able to get your products or services in front of the eyes of possible customers. A huge benefit of Pinterest is the visually based nature of the sight, making it attractive and pleasant for viewers’ to see. Businesses will be able to quickly identify their target market and create highly specific and useful advertising campaigns. For example, if a Pinterest user searches for “healthy dinner recipe,” a local grocery store could share a recipe with a link leading back to their website, showing where users can obtain the ingredients. Users will appreciate this targeting because it is immediately relevant to their needs while increasing your business.

Although sure to be somewhat controversial, it is really no surprise that Pinterest is jumping on the advertising bandwagon. Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter came to embrace the opportunity to generate revenue and collaborate with brands, seemingly causing no one to stop using the sites. If Pinterest does what it claims, users likely will not notice much interruption from their typical pinning and businesses can capitalize on yet another unique and effective way to reach new customers. As the sponsored posts roll out, take some planning steps and determine if such advertising would work for your business and how you can best capitalize on it.

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