New tag champs!

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Congrats to Cody Rhodes and his older brother Dustin, better known as Goldust, on winning the tag straps last week.

Maybe I’m still dreaming, but a tag title defense and change in the main event of Raw makes me feel like the tag division may be turning a corner. Maybe I’m wrong and they’ll just be used as a prop in the Triple H/Rhodes storyline, but this could be a launching pad to making the titles relevant again.

It wouldn’t take much, either. Triple H could send a couple of teams after the Rhodes brothers. They could cut a promo talking about the some of the pride past teams had in carrying around those titles, even referencing family teams such as the Steiner Brothers or the Hart Foundation. Then, have Cody and Goldust actually defend the titles on a couple of pay per views before losing them to an already-established team like the Real Americans, the Usos or even back to the Shield.

It could happen, but I won’t hold my breath. We’ll likely have some kind of tag title defense this Sunday at the Cell ppv since it doesn’t seem very likely we’re getting a War Games match that I had been hoping for. Maybe at the Survivor Series next month.

At any rate, Cody getting a main event win and putting the Shield in the ring with a veteran like Goldust was a great idea all around. Cody has earned a push, and Goldust is a great in-ring worker and can only make those he’s in the ring with even better, not that the Shield have a long way to go, of course. Working with a veteran, though, can only help them in the long run.

It is good to see Goldust back, too. While I wasn’t necessarily the biggest fan of some of the character’s antics over the years, the guy is pretty crisp in the ring and can always put on a good show. I’m not sure how long this run will last, but after it’s over, I’d like to think there would be an agent position backstage waiting for him.

It’ll be interesting to see if the titles stay with the champs tonight, though, as it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve taken a title off of a champion for no good reason. Hopefully, creative has learned from its mistake, but I’ve made the mistake of thinking that way before and being completely wrong.

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