Multimodal Millenials

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Millenials, those Americans born between 1982 and 2003, are shaping the way we travel in the U.S.  The news has been full of stories about how teenagers are waiting longer and longer to get their drivers’ licenses, and now a new report by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) helps us to understand why. 10_02_13 Millennial Mobility

Millenials & Mobility: Understanding the Millenial Mindset was just released, and it provides some enlightening information. For example, we see that this group, which is larger and more diverse than any generation in our Nation’s history, is driving trends, especially when it comes to getting around.  This group is more likely to try to settle in an area which provides more urban benefits, even if it’s not in a big city.  And they want to use technology to help them use transportation modes and systems more efficiently.

What’s more, they typically use three modes of transportation to get somewhere. They walk, then catch a bus, then take a subway or train; or they ride their bike, then a train or bus, then they store their bike in a locker or in a rack and walk the rest of their way to their destination.  Their motivations for travelling this way include saving money, being able to fit exercise into their routine, and having the convenience of not having to search for parking at home or near their destination.

Frederick’s TransIT system is striving to grow and change to meet the expectations of Millenials, who are more likely to try the bus than those in other demographic groups.  When we added our routes and map information to Google Transit and HopStop, it was with the intention of making bus use more user-friendly.  Our routes are designed to try to move people through a large urban area as efficiently as possible, and we are in the midst of investigating a system whereby fares can be paid online or with a smart phone.

Whether or not you’re a Millenial, we welcome you to give TransIT buses a try. Maybe you want to attend Downtown Frederick’s First Saturday festivities and not worry about having a glass of wine or two. Try TransIT – we stop at many Downtown destinations and you can catch a bus out heading back towards home as late as 9 p.m. depending on which route one takes.  Check out TransIT’s Ride Guide map with color-coded routes to help plan your trip, or use Google Transit to plan your trip. Both are available on TransIT’s website.


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