3 Ways to Use Tumblr to Promote Your Business

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In the world of social media, it is undoubtedly difficult to grasp all of the platforms available and how to use them. Most businesses maintain an active presence on Facebook and Twitter, and possibly even Instagram and Pinterest. But there is another site that, despite seeming confusing at first, could be equally effective for your business: Tumblr.

What is Tumblr? An interactive blog platform, the site relies heavily on sharing and re-posting visual and short-text content. Tumblr’s  “reblog” function is similar to retweeting on Twitter or pinning on Pinterest— a method of posting content from other sources to your own page to share with your followers.

So, how can businesses best utilize Tumblr to their advantage? Check out the three methods listed below.

Enhance Branding

The most beneficial aspect of Tumblr is the ability to customize your page. If you take some time to browse successful Tumblr accounts, you will likely notice that each one is set up differently. You are able to customize layout, colors, background, images, and more. This feature provides brands an easy opportunity to portray their unique culture in a convenient format on the web.

Depending on your target market and the overall interest of your clientele, Tumblr’s customizability allows you to create the appropriate “voice” for your business. For example, Coca-Cola, a brand that is known to promote smiles and embracing life, consistently posts happy, uplifting content, which, of course, always includes an iconic Coke.

Create Viral Content

As with all social media platforms, content is key. Keeping in mind that Tumblr is heavily reliant on image-based posts, the site allows for room to grow in content creation. Since the driving force behind Tumblr is sharing and re-posting content, there is a high probability your content will reach new users if it is well-received.

You may choose to create a recurring theme throughout your posts to construct an informal storyline or opt to produce unique content each time. As with most sites, the items reblogged most often on Tumblr either evoke an emotion, whether producing tears or laughter, or they follow a theme or story. Relatable and creative images, memes or quotes are some of the best options when creating content for Tumblr.

Make Your Mark

The micro-blogging site allows businesses, no matter the size or current reach, to make their mark on the social world. Whether that means literally placing your company’s watermark with links back to your page on all of the content you create or establishing a visible online presence, it all makes an impact on your brand’s image.

When considering SEO, your current social marketing plan and inbound marketing services should definitely consider using Tumblr. The potential wide reach of the content you post on Tumblr will help your business make its mark on SERPs as well.

To get started using Tumblr to promote your business, look at currently successful Tumblr accounts for inspiration and consider how you too can make this site work for your company. The fast-paced environment of Tumblr is one that most businesses are able to use to their advantage, if they haven’t already. Don’t let your business miss out on this unique promotional tool.


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