The Next Generation (Pros & Cons)

by Tristan Belgrave. 0 Comments

It’s now early November, the 3rd to be specific. Next week, the PlayStation 4 is released. A week later, the XBOX One will be released. It’s been a crazy couple of months that have led up to this. If you haven’t caught up with the news of the next gen consoles, you can brush up on the information below:


Sony PlayStation 4

  • MSRP – $399
  • Release Date – November 15th
  • PS Plus subscription will net you game discounts, free games, automatic updating /patching & online multiplayer
  • Not backwards compatible with previous PlayStation systems
  • Focus is solely on the players and the games
  • Graphical power is over 10x over the PlayStation 3
  • Controller is now more improved than the Dual Shock 3
  • Contains an upgradable 500 gb hard drive



  • MSRP – $499
  • Release Date – November 22nd
  • Contains a non-upgradable 500 gb hard drive
  • XBOX Live needed for multiplayer
  • Focus is on the ultimate multimedia device
  • New Kinect 2.0 is included; has better motion detection than before
  • Not backwards compatible with XBOX 360 games
  • Controller has many improvements over the original XBOX 360 controller


Personally, I am going for the PS4. It suits my needs the best and personally, I’m kinda sick of paying for XBOX Live without any improvements to the service. But, that’s just me though. What are you going to get?


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