Daniel Bryan just got Punk’d

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I think a feud between the Wyatt Family and CM Punk and Daniel Bryan will be a lot of fun. The promos alone in this one should make this THE must-see storyline for the rest of the year. So, I’m definitely looking forward to see where this could end up.

That being said, the fact that Daniel Bryan beat Randy Orton three or four times and isn’t walking around as the WWE champion is the exact thing that has been wrong with creative over the past couple of years.

CM Punk got himself over in a big way a couple of years ago, only to find himself on the losing end of a feud with Triple H and Kevin Nash. Sure, he’s a top guy these days, but the fans wanted him to be an even bigger star.

We’ve just seen the same thing happen to Daniel Bryan, proving once again that the creative team fails to pay any attention to history. Bryan hung with Orton at every step, but really ended up on the losing end of a feud with Triple H. Now, Bryan has been pushed aside in favor of the Big Show. Show was even leading the “Yes” chants a couple of weeks ago that Bryan started.

As for Show, I’ve enjoyed what he’s been doing as of late, too, seemingly working a lot harder than he has in recent years. I plan on enjoying his interaction and feud with Orton and The Authority. But, as we’ve seen so many times in the past, Show and Orton are already established main eventers. I’m struggling to see how this will build new stars.

The Wyatts should be helped in all this, though I think this new direction ultimately knocks Punk and Bryan down a level. Yes, it’ll still be enjoyable, but I still have my concerns about the long-term direction of the roster.

I won’t even get started on the return of John Cena either…beating Alberto Del Rio after taking several months off at the Cell PPV, beating Damian Sandow the next night on Raw with one arm, getting the pin in the six-man tag on Smackdown. What this tells me is that they reigning World champ, Del Rio, can’t beat a guy who has been out injured for months and Damian Sandow can’t beat a guy with one arm tied behind his back. Very little drama there for any of the re-matches.

The announcers were even blatantly calling Cena Superman last Monday. The creative team knows exactly what they’re doing with the Cena character, and I don’t think they care. And, if they don’t, then I still don’t.

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