Amplifying Your Brand Content on LinkedIn

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There are quite a few social media options available on the Internet, but the self-proclaimed social media site for professionals, LinkedIn, is the best site for marketing your business. Brand content  has grown and adapted with changes in technology, so it makes sense to take advantage of today’s technology to amplify your brand content. There have been more than 225 million users on LinkedIn since it was launched in 2003, which means there is a wide audience to market your material to.

LinkedIn also provides the possibility of combining your personal web of connections with your professional web. It allows you to not only show off your company, but also your personal page and that of your employees. Below are some tips to help you maximize your brand exposure through LinkedIn.

Amplify Your Network

In order to amplify the impact of your brand content, you need to amplify the audience it reaches. Do not be afraid to connect your various social media outlets. Link your website, Facebook, Twitter and even your blog to your LinkedIn website. Not only will this make you more accessible from multiple outlets, it allows potential clients and partners to see of how much you are truly capable. Make sure your employees are involved in your networking as well. All employees should have their personal LinkedIn page linked to the company page so those trying to learn more about your company and your brand truly know what comes along with working for and/or with you.

Target Your Demographic

While LinkedIn is definitely not the largest and most popular social media site available, it does provide you with your target demographic. Business leaders from around the world recognize that they are more likely to reach more valuable clientele through their professional network than through a more personal network like Facebook, for example. By focusing on your LinkedIn presence, you are getting “more bang for your buck”, so to speak.  Your time will be better rewarded because you will be reaching the audience that is more likely to respond to your business marketing. Basically, you are taking one of the first steps suggested by Inbound Marketing, Inc. You are going to where your customers already are instead of trying to bring them to you.

Take advantage of SlideShare

In 2012, LinkedIn purchased a content sharing platform called SlideShare, which allows users to upload and share everything from visual infographics and presentations to full videos. Because LinkedIn has been more of a text-based site, this new program gives users the opportunity to bring much more to the table than they could before. By including presentations and videos, such as commercials, not only will you make your profile more visually stimulating, but you will have another opportunity to showcase what makes your brand unique and productive. SlideShare gives you the option to be proactive with your LinkedIn profile.

Become a LinkedIn Influencer

The LinkedIn Influencer is yet another platform that sets this professional website apart from other social media outlets. As a LinkedIn Influencer, many of the articles and posts on your LinkedIn page will be broadcasted on the LinkedIn Today platform. Typically, a post by an Influencer receives about 25,000 views and 100 comments. I don’t have to tell you how much exposure those numbers mean.

To become a LinkedIn Influencer, you have to be a rising entrepreneur or business affiliate who regularly publishes original and engaging content. If LinkedIn believes that what you have to say can help guide many other professionals in the right direction, they may reach out and invite you to be one of the current 300 Influencers from around the world.

Having brand content is great, but it’s useless if you don’t know how to amplify your name and really get it out to your target audience. By expanding your network, understanding your demographic and taking advantage of all the opportunities LinkedIn has to offer, you will get a much greater return on your marketing. Even with the Internet, this is not a lazy man’s world. You have to stay active and engaged with your brand content and marketing to really get results. With these tips and the proper use of LinkedIn, you will be able to amplify and maximize your brand content.


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