“What Would I Say?” Facebook Status Predictions

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A new website called “What Would I Say?” is beginning to take the internet by storm. When you log into it from Facebook it generates several predicted statuses that you might post based off of the past statuses posted from your account. If that has you worried, “we don’t store any of your personal information anywhere. In fact, we don’t even have a database!” the site creators proclaimed on their About page.

Why I care about this new site?

The results are often in humorously poor English with hilariously random words. Just as I found out about this, so did various other internet sites. Here are some of their funnier results while testing out “What Would I Say?” for their articles.

“Me and can’t wait to head to call random contacts in the Icelandic champion of beatboxing” – from Huffington Post

“Back to the habit of eating flecks of things” – from The NewYorker (more funny ones in their article)

“it is got cooler the albums, but unfortunately there are this bad” –  from SocialNewsDaily (also more funny “What Would I Say?” in this article)

I originally found out about this new internet sensation from a friend showing me some that her other friend had posted. At the time my friend didn’t know that these were from “What Would I Say?” but when I brought it up again and explained it she readily sent over the ones she had shown me. Here are the top 10 from that group of 22.

1) “1am you have andrews usb key board of Public Works Thanks! of my gvoice if you”  — comically garbled

2) “Spanish rice, black flag & flag you’re embarrassing human beings” — which, if the ‘&’ is read aloud as ‘and’ this is only one syllable short of a haiku!

3) “I hate capitalists and I’m walking around the city.” — a resounding ‘huh?’ for this one

4) “god damnit cat” — proving again that cats+internet is a love eternal

5) “If you’re from a mob. Journalists should use of items such as taking over the cop car” — LOL WHAT?!

6) “chocobo sky garden” — Final Fantasy reference!

7) “sleeping under the paving stones, the beach” — this one almost sounds like a poem

8) “omg, so I spilled coffee on me, I like this” — LOLLLLLLL

9) “The Unholy Alliance Monsanto, Dupont & Obama, so” — I don’t even…

10) “lol, I made PHP coding, for this vegan pizza in Valhalla, share this.” – this a hot mess of hilarity!


Try out “What Would I Say?” for yourself!



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