Espurr’s Eyes: X/Y Pokemon’s Famous Stare

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Fans of different shows and movies have their own unique memes, so today I would like to take a look at a very specific meme that comes directly from a specific Pokemon, Espurr. Firstly, Espurr is a Pokemon that originates from the Pokemon X&Y games. It is a fuzzy, small, dull light purple creature that somewhat resembles a short-limbed cat standing on its hind legs. This Pokemon has large folded ears, because according to the Pokemon X Pokedex entry, and from the Pokemon Y Pokedex entry we learn that “It has enough psychic energy to blast everything within 300 feet of itself, but it has no control over its power”. Fans say this this lack of control over its massive power accounts for its large staring purple eyes and vague nearly hypnotized expression.

These huge somewhat creepy eyes have earned Espurr massive attention in the Pokemon fandom, mainly on the premise that “Espurr has seen terrible things” which have disturbed it greatly. There is even a site which has an Espurr slowly consuming the screen as plays the creepy soundtrack from Lavender Town, a location in the original Pokemon games. The site is aptly named

Just in case you didn’t feel like clicking that stuff, enjoy this animated short which basically sums up the obsession with Espurr’s stare, starting off with an initial reaction by Serena (female player character).

YouTube Preview Image

This phenomenon has resulted in many fan-made pictures of an Espurr at the scene of a chaotic event or having a flashback to said event, funny webcomics joking about the Pokemon, super-imposing Espurr’s eyes onto another picture to make it creepy, and even pictures depicting the Pokemon’s ferocity due to its unwavering expression.

Now enjoy this cross-fandom joke video including Espurr and audio from a part of Doctor Who (10th Doctor, David Tennant).

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Here are a few of my favorite  Espurr pictures:

Dorkly even posted a few of the most popular Espurr pictures. Regardless of how creepy the internet thinks this Pokemon is, I still find it adorable, especially in fanart. Soon after I started Pokemon X I caught and began to raise Espurr myself in my Pokemon X game, evolving it into a Meowstic (the one on right, since mine is a female).


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