How to Decide If Paid Twitter Ads Are Right for You

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When advertising your business online, there are many possible avenues to take. If your budget allows, paid advertisements are quicker and often, more effective than free advertising methods. These free advertising methods include banner swaps, reciprocal links and e-mail marketing.

The difficulty with managing an online ad budget is the sheer number of paid ad options available. It can be very intimidating to choose between trusted pay-per-click providers like Google AdWords, and large ad networks like PulsePoint and Tribal Fusion. Fortunately, some alternatives are beginning to emerge.

The recent emergence of Twitter ads provides a different type of advertising for those seeking to promote their brand. If your business already uses social media for promotional purposes, then the prospect of advertising on social media itself may come across as appealing – or very risky.

Your perception of this though probably depends on your own experience with social media. If you’re a social media whiz with a knack for generating re-tweets and followers on Twitter, then Twitter ads may be absolutely ideal to promote your business. If you aren’t at all familiar with Twitter, it will likely be a challenge to configure Twitter ads.

So, are Twitter ads right for your business? You can start by answering the questions below, all three of which you should ask yourself before investing in Twitter ads.

Is Your Target Audience Active on Twitter?

You probably have a fairly good idea of which demographic your business appeals to most. For example, a business selling custom car covers will most likely cater to males in the 16 to 50 age range who own a car; it’s a demographic represented well on Twitter.

But, a hair stylist in an affluent suburban neighborhood may not have as much luck on Twitter. Twitter’s largest audience consists of adults ages 18-29 who live in cities. So, if your business is located in a suburb and caters to an older crowd, Twitter ads may not be the best fit.

To get an idea of how active your business’s niche on Twitter is, use Twitter search. You can use this to view the popularity of keywords and hashtags related to your business. If your demographic aligns with Twitter’s most active group and there are multiple keywords, Twitter ads can dramatically increase your business’s brand awareness.

Does Your Business Have an Actual Location?

Remotely located businesses often struggle with Twitter ads, unlike businesses with an actual storefront. This is why restaurants and retailers have a high potential to benefit from Twitter ads. Visitors may feel inclined to tweet about being at the location and some even connect their FourSquare account to Twitter so they can tweet check-ins. If your business has a physical location where visitors can drop in and purchase services or goods, then it’s certainly suitable for Twitter ads.

Are You Prepared to Actively Update Twitter?

Since Twitter ads can link to your business’s personal Twitter, it’s important to update that Twitter with relevant and engaging tweets. You can do this through the use of a Twitter ad campaign. This is why business owners should be prepared to update Twitter at least once a day, engaging courteously and promptly with anyone who sends them a tweet. By showing that your business is well in-tune with social media efforts and is prompt to respond to followers, visitors who discover your business via a Twitter ad are more likely to inquire further.

If you answered ‘yes’ to the three questions above, then Twitter ads seem like a suitable choice to promote your business. This is especially true if your business already has an active social media presence. Twitter ads can elevate your growing reputation even further. As long as your business is prepared to be active on Twitter, then its ads can be a great solution to raise its profile.


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