Quick Meme #2: Doge

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This is the “doge” meme. The term “doge” is a combination of “dog” and the nickname of the Shiba Inus breed, “Shibe”. The initial few months of this meme coincided with the growing popularity of Shinba Inus on Tumblr over the summer of 2012, when the term “shibe” came to be used. On November 20th 2013 Youtube jumped on the bandwagon and added an Easter Egg (hidden placed item or result) which changed the page results for “doge meme” into the style of the meme with bright and random colored Comic Sans font. Looking at the huge spike in the  Google Analytics it is clear why Youtube, and myself, finally took notice of this meme enough to do some sort of feature for it. Fun fact about the Google Analytics- the word “doge” also is “a Venetian term for “leader” used as a title in some Italian “crowned republics” including Genoa and Venice” according to Know Your Meme.

This meme is getting pretty popular, which means that a bunch of people are already sick of it, or will get sick of it soon. In fact, one of my friends alleged that “I’ve always hated it. Its not funny”. So, I want to get my kicks and post my favorite ones before this becomes so out of fashion that it would be a review on a past meme rather than one current at the time of me writing this. Such is the volatile and ADHD nature internet. Once something gets really big, the people who heard of it first or helped its initial spread get sick of it.


Here are some of my favorite Doge pictures:


1) Hip Scarf

2) “Here’s Doge

3) How do you pronounce Doge?

4) Afraid of a hand

5) “doge bird of shibe”

6) As a Lion

7) Answering the phone

8) As FireFox


Combining with Pokemon:

As a Surfing Pikachu

With Espurr Eyes

Redrawn as a Pokemon (Arcanine)



More funny examples and how to use the meme at The BarkPost.


And here is Doge combined with the next meme topic, Twicane, Forced Meme from the Season 4 Premiere of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic that I find endearing and hilarious simply for the expression on its face.


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