Common Job Search Struggles faced by New Graduates

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Every year, several thousand new graduates leave their college life behind and prepare for their professional life. Making this shift is the first big challenge that they have to face. If you are a new graduate ready to start your career, you have to first find a job and make an entry into the field of your choice.  Here is a list of things almost everyone else has to deal with following graduation.

No work experience

Employers want people with work experience, which puts new graduates in a pickle. They get rejected because they have no experience, but how can they get the experience without a job? How do you compete with candidates, who have had at least some experience in their field of work? You may have studied hard during your college years, but ultimately it is the experience that counts.

To get past this problem, talk to your professors or career counselors and ask them about any internships or openings with companies within your field of interest.  You can also talk to other contacts within the same field that can show you how to get started and what to do to take your career forward. If you do not have any such contact, visit workshops and trade shows related to your career choice and make contacts.  You can also check out websites like,, which prove a vast resource of examples and articles on the subject and can help you get past this obstacle.

No openings in your location

If you live in a small town, you may end up with little opportunities to begin with. If you live in a large city, you have more opportunities but you also have to compete with more qualified applicants. In any case, you may have problems finding a job in the place you stay, so be ready to move out and switch locations when needed. Someone is probably looking for an employee just like you somewhere in the country, so be flexible and open to relocate.

Bad interviews

Let’s assume that you are the perfect job candidate in every way; you have all the work skills, knowledge, and qualifications to start your career. However, your interviews always end up badly. It can be tough to walk into a room where everyone is sizing you up and assessing you in every way possible. However, you have to be ready for it and sharpen your interpersonal skills. Be confident when you go for an interview and know what your career plan is; almost every employer will ask you this question.

You have no idea what to do next

Almost every graduate leaves college thinking that they have it all figured out. However, after a month of struggle they realize that they have no idea what to do. It is common among many new graduates; they do not realize the struggles of working from the bottom up, and end up jumping jobs. Many of them realize that they made the wrong career choice as well. If you want to try one type of work before committing to it, try job shadowing other professionals in the fields you are interested in. It lets you see how professionals in each field work and helps you build contacts as well.


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