Awesome Christmas Trees of the Internet

by Hannah Rudow. 0 Comments

People like to make Christmas Trees out of the most random stuff imaginable then post it on the internet. This isn’t specifically a Meme, it’s just that I noticed a funny trend in people making blog posts about weird trees. There are a lot of up-side down ones, ones that look like snowmen, ones make of books, and ones on the sides of buildings but those are boring compared to the rest. That’s really about all I have to say, so: LETS LOOK AT SOME SILLY TREES!

Starting off with my personal favorites:

Because people like to make things out of recyclables, here are Trees made of cans/bottles:

People also like to make trees out of of other random stuff:

Some just like to pay homage to their Fandoms:

And because I like to have videos in my posts apparently, here is a huge LED tree. If you want to learn about the tree watch it with the sound on. But I recommend it with the sound off so that you can enjoy just staring into the blinking lights created by its “random flash technoloy”. Ooooooo, sparkly!

YouTube Preview Image

Last but not least, the recently popular: “When your apartment is too small for a tree“.

Seriously, I’ve seen this thing a billion times on Facebook this December.


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