2013’s final 2-for-1: Profiling Roku/Apple/Chromecast; And The Comedians Are …

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An Apple TV device, left, is shown alongside Google's Chromecast, center, and the Roku 2.

An Apple TV device, left, is shown alongside Google’s Chromecast, center, and the Roku 2.

All right. You know what it’s almost time for? Christmas Eve? Christmas? New Year’s Eve? Cookies? Gifts? Something called Festivus? Ham? Wine? Extended family members? Candy? Candy canes? Trees? Ornaments? A No. 1 with large fries and a regular Coke?

Well, if you guessed any of those, you’d be wrong (or right, depending on what your personal definition of the word “wrong” is, of course). Instead, we are going to go with this: It’s almost (stress the “almost”) time for the third-annual breakdown of the Most Pirated TV Show in all the land. Again: Stress the almost.

Why? Because that list isn’t out yet. But because I love you — yes, you, the forever-loyal fabulous blog reader — I’ll be here each day this week, scouring the InterWebs for the very second that list drops (note the use of the word “drops”). This means that A) there will be at least one more blog post for 2013 and B) behold the final 2-for-1 post of the year! It’s like Christmas came early, friends. It’s like Christmas came early.

Chromecast, Apple or Roku: You Decide

… Or, well, you don’t have to. Because Anick Jesdanun already did that for you. From the Associated Press’s piece in the Minneapolis Star Tribune …

“Streaming video devices such as Roku, Apple TV and Google’s Chromecast project video from Netflix, YouTube and other services onto the big-screen TV,” Jesdanun wrote last week. “Suddenly, the computer seems inadequate. Internet television will never be the same.”

And then a breakdown of each was had. Because we tend to want to stay away from utterly plagiarizing anybody (journalism ethics, yeah!), we’ll allow you to click over to see exactly which one fares best. Chromecast is the cheapest, Roku offers the most content and Apple is and will forever be Apple. But you already knew those things, right? Right.

So, why link to it? Well, that’s because there’s going to be an extensive first-hand reaction to one of those three products after the new year begins. Which one will it be? Oh, you’ll have to tune in once 2014 rears its head (exciting!). For now, though, it’s best to get reacquainted with all three while you can.

And Your Season 3 Comedians In Cars Are …

Jay Leno, Louis C.K., Tina Fey (I do believe I had those), Patton Oswalt, Howard Stern and Todd Barry (yeah, I don’t know who that is, either, but a quick Google search says he was in both “The Wrestler” and “Flight of the Conchords”).

“The Emmy-nominated Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee returns for its third season on Thurs., Jan. 2, and based on the trailer, debuting exclusively on BuzzFeed, it looks AWESOME,” Peter Lauria wrote about an hour ago. He wasn’t lying:

YouTube Preview Image

Tina Fey?! Louis C.K.??! Some dude from “Flight of the Conchords??!!!” Absolutely cannot wait for this. In fact, depending on how it all turns out, can we all agree that this has the potential to be the single best slate of guests ol’ Jerry has had so far? We can? Good.

For those interested in seeing which cars will be used in each episode, click on over to Buzzfeed for more details. Me? I’d rather digest it all on the fly. Either way, you should now know exactly what you’ll be doing next Thursday around noon. And it won’t just be getting over that New Year’s Day hangover.


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