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Charlie Jones  said, “Five years from today, you will be the same person that you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet.” With this thought in mind I wanted to start off the New Year by making you aware of some resources that can change the person you are today.

As the New Year approached, I was fast at work wrapping up the finishing touches on my first book of 2014 and beginning to put together the framework for my next project. I was blessed to be able to write and publish three books last year. My first book (released in 2012) is titled Planned Excellence: How to Achieve Greatness through Strategic Planning. This interactive book helps the reader develop a life plan that includes writing a vision, mission, and purpose statement. It touches on strategic goals, objectives, and strategic imperatives.

Strategic planning is not just a business tool. It can be used to improve all aspects of your life. The strategic planning principles in this guidebook can help you change your life. It will show you how to assess your current state, determine what you want in your desired future state, and then use analysis and action to get there. By choosing to live a life of purpose, you’ll be better equipped to face the challenges of your life. It is imperative to establish a personal vision and mission for your life if you want to succeed.

This guide shares business concepts that will help you develop a personal life plan; principles that touch the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life; ways to influence the world in which you exist and methods to serve others with your God-given gifts and natural talent. Become the CEO of your own life. Don’t just let life happen-make it happen. By using business processes such as vision, mission, and purpose, you can place yourself on the path to Planned Excellence.

My first book of 2013 is titled Strategic Goals: The DNA of Personal Success. This book focuses on the framework of strategic goals and the implementation process of actions that move you towards achievement. Personal success doesn’t just happen. This book guides you through the process of developing a strategic plan that allows you to succeed. These principles are tried and true. You will learn how to create a consistent structure to your success by using the model for strategic goals outlined in this book.

You will learn concepts such as Roadmapping, Scorecarding, and Paradigming. You will learn the three pathways of strategic goals that move you towards your success. Also covered here are the roadblocks and pitfalls to watch out for as you develop your strategic life plan. Not having a strategic life plan is not a good plan. Success does not wait for you, you have to pursue it and take hold of it. This book is the first step towards achieving the personal success you desire.

My second release is a short book about improving your retirement planning. It is part of a series of short books that I am calling the Advantage Series. Ten Ways to Improve Your Retirement Planning: Behavioral Changes That Make A Difference is written to encourage younger people to think about retirement now. In today’s economy there are a number of pressure points that squeeze the life out of retirement savings. Although it is a difficult task to manage the external pressures, we can begin to learn and practice behaviors that ultimately position us to win from a financial perspective.

Ten ways to improve your retirement planning is focused on providing you with practical behaviors that impact the planning process. It is often not how much you earn, but how you manage how much you earn that makes the difference. The information contained in this book will cause you to consider how you manage your life in general and how you think about your future specifically. Sharpening your behaviors as they pertain to your retirement planning can have significant impacts on improving your retirement planning.

Incorporate these behaviors into your daily walk and you can achieve the retirement you have always desired. From managing your income differently to controlling spending and debt to learning how to be more benevolent, these practical behaviors will improve your retirement planning so you can enjoy the retirement of your dreams.

Finally, I closed out the year by publishing The Dynamics of Abundant Life: Living a Life of Purpose and Meaning. Have you ever felt professionally successful but personally unfulfilled? Material possessions, though pleasurable, cannot change or improve the essence of who you are. In The Dynamics of Abundant Life, you will learn that if you want to make an impact and leave a legacy, you have to move beyond the material and discover your core essence. Written from the Judeo-Christian perspective, this study seeks to help you draw closer to God through an understanding of the dynamics of the abundant life Jesus Christ came to give us. It explores in detail the dichotomy between having abundance in life and having an abundance of life and describes the nine aspects of abundance-attitude, balance, ultimatums, nurturing, direction, action, navigation, connectedness, and empathy.

In each chapter, this book provides practical steps designed to build your relationship with God and encourage a life of service and giving. Explaining the importance of exercising spiritual disciplines and presenting Christ to a hurting and dying world, The Dynamics of Abundant Life weaves personal stories with commentary in order to illustrate how God uses our experiences to draw us closer to Him even when those experiences are painful. Ultimately, it is our desire to become more Christ-like that enables us to live an abundant life.

As I move into 2014, I have been focusing on publishing Empathy: Love and Life Beyond Self. This resource probes the depths of the mechanics of empathy to reveal why it is such a rare quality. Empathy requires you to model God’s actions towards mankind by voluntarily setting aside your standing, status, or station, entering into the reality of someone who is struggling with life’s problems, and creating the environment for that person’s restoration. Throughout this book, you will learn how to order your life to be able to become a person of empathy. You will be challenged to step into someone’s life and offer the four actions of empathy. You will also learn how to live life beyond yourself.

Empathy will be available on my Amazon Author’s page later on in January. All of the other resources mentioned are available at my author’s page now. The link to my author’s pages is I have four more titles I will be working on this year. There are many new and exciting opportunities that I will be pursuing and blogging about in the coming months. I hope you will continue following this post throughout the year. If you stumbled upon this post, consider it not an accident. Visit my author’s page on Amazon and Facebook ( and add you “like” by clicking on the like button. While you are there you might consider picking up a copy of any or all of these books for your collection.


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