A Test Interface for Everyone

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Blog 0082 Feature GraphicThe majority of the time I research the game that I am going to play before I play it.  It saves me time and money.  But with simian.interface (Chillingo), I just dove-in head first.

“Inspired by tabletop puzzles, modern art, and cognitive psychological experiments,” simian.interface is a game that will push your limits of problem solving (and patience) while capturing your imagination with it’s colorful, 8-bit graphics and chiptune soundtrack.


Tilt or drag your fingers on the screen to solve the various puzzles in simian.interface.

Tip: If you typically play on-the-go as I do, I recommend changing the controls of the game from TILT to TOUCH/DRAG.  Trying to solve these problems while riding in a car and tilting your device is a test that may result in your de-evolution to a primitive creature that enjoys throwing their smartphone or tablet out of frustration.

Good luck!

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