The Insider’s Guide to Growing Your Email List Using Social Media

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We may live in the age of social media, but email is still a vital part of our daily lives. Nineteen percent of our online time is spent checking email, five times the amount of time we spend online shopping. Ninety-two percent of online adults have email, and it’s the most common activity to do online. And with the rise in mobile phones with email included on them, email has become an almost constant part of our lives. Nearly half of all email is now opened on mobile devices.

Because email remains such an important part of the online experience, smart marketers put an emphasis on email marketing. To broaden your reach with this proven medium, you’ll need to grow your email list, and a great way to do it is using social media. Here are a few ways you can utilize Twitter, Facebook and other sites to get more email addresses.

1. Give a Preview

In exchange for signing up for an email list, many businesses give something away, usually premium content that they have produced themselves. For instance, a magazine for foodies might offer a free e-cookbook in exchange for signing up. This offers a preview of the high quality of your product, and will convince people that your email list is worth signing up for

2. Target Different Sites

Your business probably belongs to a half-dozen social media networks. Each week, pick one to advertise your email signup on. One week you might do it with a pin on Pinterest. The next you might tweet out a reminder to sign up for the list on Twitter. The key is to not sound too sales-y and not to post the same reminder at the same time every week. That comes off as spammy.

3. Offer Coupons

Nothing generates shares across social media networks like a freebie. If you offer your Facebook and Twitter followers a 10 percent off coupon in exchange for signing up for the email list, you’ll see a huge response. Plus, people love to share information about deals on social media sites, so there’s a good chance someone will retweet, like or otherwise share your offer.

4. Add a Signup Option on Facebook

Treat Facebook as you would your business’s web site. Make sure there are contact tabs, shopping tabs and, of course, a tab to share your email address to join a mailing list. This may sound complicated if you have little experience beyond posting status updates on Facebook, but it’s not. Find a good app, such as MailChimp’s Facebook Signup App or Constant Contact Facebook App, and use it to add the tab to your page.

This will take five minutes of your time, and it requires no upkeep. It’s one of the simplest ways to use social media to collect email addresses, whether you sell homemade jewelry or industrial crane scales.

5. Encourage People to Share

Social networks are valued because of how easy it is to pass along information. Make this idea work for you. Encourage sharing of your email signup URL across social networks. You may offer anyone who shares the URL a free ebook or coupon.

Or you may want to do something more fun and creative. For instance, why not let the first person who tweets out the signup URL choose your new Facebook profile photo? Or let them name an upcoming product? The possibilities are endless when you channel your creativity.

6. Host a Hangout

Has your business hosted a Google Hangout yet? If not, get on this pronto. Hangouts are a great way to humanize your company while also gaining valuable insight into your consumers and what they like and don’t like. During your hangout, make sure you link to pages that include your email list signup.

7. Sponsor a Contest

Contests are all the rage right now on Pinterest, where businesses offer prizes in return for greater engagement with their pages. They’re also popular on other social media sites. You can use this tactic to help drive your email subscription list. Make submitting an email address a requirement for the contest. There are a number of apps you can use across different social media sites to make contests easier to manage.

So what are you waiting for? Take these techniques and go grow your email list. You’ll help your business and maybe find some ideas of your own.


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