The Genuine Challenge

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Genuine… This is such a powerful word. I like when people are genuine, authentic, and transparent. Some folks don’t know how to display these qualities because of the fear of being hurt. That’s because there is vulnerability in being genuine, authentic, and transparent. So, in order to protect themselves, they hide behind emotional walls constructed to keep others at a distance. The problem is the same walls that protect them lock others out. Vulnerability is a scary place. But it is exactly what is required if you are going to love others with unconditional love.

My first release of 2014, Empathy: Love and Life Beyond Self explores the depths of developing and operating with an empathetic spirit. It is a book focused on developing a spirit that feels into the lives of people who struggle with the pressures of life. The Genuine Challenge begins with you reading Empathy: Love and Life Beyond Self. Then, the challenge continues as you live your life by the central precept of the book: You voluntarily set aside your standing, status, or station, to enter into someone’s  struggle in order to be the catalyst for that person’s restoration. To make this challenge easier, the first ten respondents to will receive a free copy of the book. You will have to include your name, mailing address, email address, and a contact number to receive your copy.

Finally, after you have internalized the information in this book and you have developed a relationship with someone who is struggling, the challenge ends when you write to me about your experiences. Just email me your story in 500 words or less about how developing an empathetic spirit and touching the life of someone who was struggling has impacted your life.

The challenge is simple. First, send me your contact information so I can be a resource for you. Next, send me periodic updates of your experiences as you feel into the life of someone who is struggling. Then, tell me what God is doing in that relationship and within your own heart. Finally, I will take the stories of how God has meet the needs of the individual and how He has changed your heart to reflect His light and organize them in a follow up to this book.

Remember, empathy requires time walking along side of someone who is struggling with the pressures of life. Take the time throughout 2014 to complete The Genuine Challenge.

Are you up for the challenge?


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