Is it Possible to Use Snapchat for Business?

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Snapchat, a popular photo messaging app, is currently used most by teenagers, who often send each other video or photo-based “selfies” with humorous additions courtesy of the app’s drawing feature. The teen demographic remains strong on Snapchat, but the app is experiencing a rising demographic of older users keen on the messaging app’s potential. Instagram’s converging demographics show that the app may have a number of beneficial uses for business.

Compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram offers more immediate methods to increase user engagement. Snapchat content, or “snaps”, is only available for a limited time, either one to 10 seconds or up to 24 hours using Snapchat’s new Stories feature. Businesses can take advantage of this limited timeframe by incorporating call-to-actions and other strategies within the methods below.

Offer Digital Coupons

The risk of offering traditional coupons is so many people may use the coupon causing the business to experience losses. Offering coupons via Snapchat provides a more equalized approach, since the coupons are only available for a limited period of time, prompting your Snapchat followers to act fast.

Some businesses wisely incorporate calls-to-action in the coupons, offering coupons to users that “snap” a photo of themselves incorporating the business’ product or niche somehow. Not only does this increase user engagement dramatically, but it provides free marketing for your business, since all entrants are linking to the business in their Snapchat profile, for all their followers to see.

Host Giveaways to Gain Followers

Upon first installing Snapchat, the most intimidating aspect will likely be in acquiring followers. If your business already has a pre-established following on other media, this isn’t a problem. Simply post about the giveaway on Facebook and Twitter, and let followers know they must add your business on Snapchat to enter the contest. You can even require followers to invite friends to your business’ Snapchat to enter. It’s entirely up to you, but just make the sure contest reward is good enough for them to enter.

Show the Behind the Scenes

Consumers are more likely to follow a business if it presents a personable charm, rather than a lifeless demeanor. Snapchat and YouTube are some of the best ways to do this. On Snapchat, it’s easy to show the behind the scenes of any company. For example, a business specializing in VPN servers can mix things up by showing photos of the staff with humorously drawn add-ons, as opposed to listing server details as they usually do. Cross-linking to each social media account on YouTube and Snapchat also ensures a wider reach.

Provide Exclusive Previews of Products

Snapchat also works in making its followers feel like an exclusive contingent of a business’ clients. It’s prudent for business owners to reserve some exclusive details –photos of a new product or details of a new store opening – for Snapchat users.

“Breaking the news” on Snapchat is particularly effective because it combines with the app’s limited timeframe for content, increasing the already-heightened urgency the exclusive news bytes prompt. Most importantly, it makes Snapchat followers feel valued by the company or brand they’re following.

How Effective Can Snapchat Be for Business?

Based on the various strategies above, there are a variety of methods businesses can use on Snapchat to increase user engagement and their number of leads. Offering digital coupons and giveaways are some great ideas, as are showing behind-the-scenes of the office in addition to exclusive previews of new products. Snapchat can be utilized well to make followers feel wanted, thus increasing the likelihood they remain a loyal supporter of the brand or business.


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