Time for a Surfing Adventure!

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It’s no secret that I like to write about games.  But something that I enjoy more than that is talking to other people about games.  Their likes, their dislikes and even what games they are looking forward to regardless of platform.

From time to time, there’s a moment in a (gaming-based) conversation that catches me off guard.  It let’s me know that the discussion was truly a great one – if even only between the two people talking.  These moments occur days, weeks or months after the initial conversation when I talk to that person again only to have them bring up a game that we had previously talked about.

Some will say that they didn’t really try it out, while others will tell me something like, “I haven’t stopped playing that game since we talked,” or, “My kids absolutely love that game.  Thanks again for telling me about it.”

These moments are really why I enjoy writing about the industry.  If people aren’t learning something new, which could mean that they either really enjoy or really despise a game, then what’s the point?

Well as you are now reading this, I wanted to share another great game with you that I just can’t put down.  It’s called Ski Safari: Adventure Time for iOS.


Finn and Jake, from Adventure Time, ski down the endless slopes in Ski Safari: Adventure Time.

Every now and then, I’ll come across a clip online of the popular Cartoon Network show Adventure Time.  It tells the wacky tale of a boy, Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada) and his dog, Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio) as they embark on various adventures “just because” they can.

It’s this same “just because” theme that makes Ski Safari so much fun.

Ski Safari is a “fast-paced endless skier (where you) outrun the avalanche with the help of animals, friends, and boosts” (cartoonnetwork.com).  You ski either on your butt (which Finn periodically yells out, “Butt skiing!”), on your stomach or on the various creatures, including Jake, that are from the series.

The gameplay is incredibly smooth, the artstyle is bright and colorful, and so are the voice-overs – which are done by the actors that voice the show.

So if you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted adventure to play on your smartphone or tablet, Ski Safari: Adventure Time is definitely worth a try.

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