The prospect of Kindle TV and the best numbers in Netflix history

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Claire Underwood might just be around for 37 more seasons. (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

Claire Underwood might just be around for 37 more seasons. (Photo courtesy The Associated Press)

Oh, there’s just so much to consider on this first Friday in February. First, there’s a whole bunch of words about Philip Seymour Hoffman. And then, of course, there’s the phone conversation I shared with Paula Poundstone, who is coming to town tomorrow night. And finally, we also have the latest episode of the For The Record podcast that features a tweak in formula and the fabulous Chelsea McBee, who stopped by the newspaper’s offices for a tiny makeshift concert.

But that’s not all! In addition to all that, we’ll now offer up two stories in one post! Goodness gracious. How incredible is that?! So much stuff. So little time. Let’s go!

Are you ready for a Kindle TV?

GameSpot (not to be confused with the two-in-every-American-mall GameStop) had a nugget of information the other day: Amazon, in all its droned-out glory, is readying the release of a “gaming and TV console” that would be available for … ready for it? … less than 300 bucks. Whoa, there. And I thought the $99 price tag for the Roku was rough.

It will look like the first version of the PlayStation (remember that?!) and it will offer music, TV programs, movies and an all-in-one blender that not only makes margaritas, but can also cook hamburgers. Or something. Jim Lynch at IT World wrote a tad about it …

“It seems like a smart move for Amazon to push its content and services into the living room,” he wrote Tuesday. “I wonder what Amazon will call their new console. The Kindle TV? While it wouldn’t be very original, it probably makes sense since the Kindle is such a well known brand.”

Ah-ha! Now, you can peruse used copies of the first Hootie & the Blowfish album for 29-cents all the while downloading the latest season of “Under The Dome!” What a world.

All of this ties into Apple’s refusal to dive head-first into the television world so far, but we’ve already gone over that bridge, now haven’t we? So, you’ll have to click over to see exactly what this might mean for The Big A (Apple; not Amazon, mind you). As for now … get that Prime membership ready — we might have a brand new competitor rushing its way into the ring.

‘The most-watched show in the history of Netflix in every country that Netflix is in’

Oh, Kevin Spacey, you methodical, wonderful man, you. As the second season of “House Of Cards” nears its release date (one week from today!), the actor sat down with the Spanish version of CNET, of all things, and said … well, he said those words: While Netflix has done all it could to hide its numbers from the universe, Mr. Underwood has apparently landed a glance at what they are, and what they are, are world-dominating, gosh-darn-it.

So, that’s fun.

Yet it’s not even the fun-est (yes, I know that’s not a word) thing about the article. Oh, go ahead, Laura Martinez …

“Asked by a reporter about how many seasons he thinks ‘House of Cards’ can be extended to,” she wrote, “Spacey didn’t take long to reply, if jokingly, but in a serious tone: 37.”

Yes, and “Orange Is The New Black” just signed on for 93 more go-arounds. Think: Crazy Eyes as a grandmother.

Anyway, if nothing else, this serves as a reminder that the return of “House of Cards” is awfully close. Couple that with the news this week that the series was renewed for a third season already and you can bring on the snow, Mother Nature. We’ll at least have that warped version of our nation’s capital to cuddle up with as the nights get colder and the ice continues to fall.

Now, if only Antietam Cable could get its act together … .


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