How to Get the Facebook Traffic You Deserve

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There’s your business’s website, and then there’s Facebook. They seem like two totally separate entities, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could connect the dots to get all those people logging onto Facebook to check out your company website? Well, guess what… now you can. With the simple, strategic tips listed below, you can get Facebook traffic moving toward your site in no time!

1. Keep the Content Coming

You know that saying “content is king”? Well in the marketing world, content marketing is king, and giving your audience fresh engaging content to consume is what will keep them coming back for more. You don’t have to create groundbreaking posts every day of the week—simply spending some time a few days or even once a week to work on your content can give you a boost in traffic. If you’re looking for inspiration, some possible ideas include:

  • Posting tips about topics relevant to your industry
  • Posting news clips with pictures to document events your business is hosting, attending, etc.
  • Posting top ten lists of the ten most helpful articles you find online each week along with a brief description of what makes each article great
  • Posting Q&A sessions through which you interview a leader in your business or industry

2. Make Your Content Shareable

Now that you’ve got the great content, the next step is to make your content easy to share. You can do this by adding Facebook share buttons or plugins for social sharing. For a really great plugin, try using Digg Digg, which features the buttons you want displayed and floats next to posts while your readers scroll through them. Also, make sure you include share buttons on your website’s individual pages. Any time you’re offering content that other people might find helpful, you want to make it easy for them to share.

Another tip: don’t be afraid to ask people to share your content. If you’ve created an exceptionally high quality post, such as a post about the best drug rehab available, include a line or two at the bottom to prompt your readers: “Was this interesting and/ or helpful to you? Share it with your friends on Facebook!”

3. Make Sure Your Posts Are Optimized

Cutting and pasting links into your status section (the traditional form of posting) enables the picture and metadata to be included with the link. However, when you post with this method, your pictures can appear smaller if they aren’t formatted in the proper ratio. To avoid this, another option is to keep photos and links separate by first posting a photo and then putting the link into your status update along with a brief description of it. The advantage of using this method is the picture and link travel together when they’re shared, giving you more control over the message you deliver. Another added bonus:  pictures appear bigger in the news feed!

4. Look for Linking Opportunities

If you want to really get the traffic flowing to your website, focus on the sections of your Facebook page people are visiting and post links there. Some ideas include:

  • Using your company’s “about” page to direct your readers to specific sections of your site
  • Turning your company milestones into links
  • Incorporating links into the descriptions of pictures
  • Using customized tabs linking to your site
  • Making sure your personal profile is optimized

5. Put Advertising to Work for You

If you’re working with a limited budget, posting advertisements on Facebook can really help generate website traffic. You can either create your advertisement with entirely new material and then link it to your site, or you can promote content from a previous post. For a noticeable boost in click-through rates, post your ads within the news feed. Ads posted outside the news feed (on the right side of the page) don’t get as much attention.

If more website traffic is what you’re after, the good news is there are plenty of ways to get it. With the many opportunities Facebook provides, along with a little strategic planning, the traffic you deserve can be yours!


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