Feels Face Meme

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“Feel” and “Feels” are the shortening of “feelings” which seems to have originated on Tumblr in 2012. It describes intense feelings, commonly those of sadness. I really like the term “feels” but the meme face that has recently been attributed to it is so ugly. When actively trying to avoid something you dislike, sometimes you can overlook how popular it is really becoming.

(I guess I’m getting old because I thought Silly Bands were cool but Rainbow Loom seems so stupid. Colorful plastic bracelets shaped like stuff is cool to me but two years later colorful plastic loops woven into a bracelet isn’t? Wow. )

I tried to avoid acknowledging the meme face for “feels” because I hoped it would go away, but silly me, that isn’t how the internet works at all.

The very first feels images:

Even though I don’t really like the ugliness of the face, there have been a lot of creative uses of it that have gained my attention recently.

The “why can’t I hold all these” meme is based off of the comical “why can’t I hold all these limes” stock image, which has its own combinations with other things  as well as being a separate meme. I personally like the  “why can’t I hold all these” a lot more than this ugly feels face, but I put that down to personal preference.

Combining memes and combining a meme with a pop culture reference are common ways to initiate a new meme into the language of the internet, so due to the image’s rise in popularity it isn’t much of a surprise to see it combine with other things.

Most meme faces aren’t very attractive but in my personal opinion this has got to be one of the ugliest most whacked-out meme faces there is. It doesn’t really even look super sad. ‘Feels’ isn’t uniquely sad but is often used in that connotation. The oddly blank expression of the face evokes a feeling of being stunned with raised eyebrows rather than the true passion of what I think of when I use the term “feels”.

I think that something like THIS would be more accurate for feels.


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