“Special Feeling” Meme

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Not long ago I spotted a link shared from one of the cosplay  Facebook pages that I follow.

It was about a Japanese Meme, which roughly translates to “Special Feeling”.

According to tumblr lore- “For people wondering what the hell this is, its a Japanese meme from a recent TV broadcast where a weather reporter was asking people on the street how the snow made them feel. The young couple was asked and the man blurted out “When you’re with your lover and it’s snowing, you are just overcome with such a special feeling!” The girl, hearing his words became incredibly shy and hid behind him, but the image went viral when it was posted on twitter with the comment: “Shut up, sh**** four-eyes” ”.

(The twitter comment is a reference to the anime Attack on Titian, which happens to be a tag that gets a lot of views on Twitter and Tumblr and probably helped the spread of the meme.)

The way that the girl blushed and hid her face behind her hand was an adorable image. The photo circulated the internet, starting on Twitter and Tumblr. Some people call the meme “Japanese Snowstorm Couple Interview” but since that was so long the use of “special feeling” as the title of the photo became the more familiar title of the meme, which came into being because the photo inspired fan artists to begin drawing anime characters and their own OCs (Original Characters) in the same position. Typically in these images the more brash character or at least the one saying the same lines or something to the lines of the guy while holding the umbrella and the other character in the girl’s position is mortified.

Here are some of my favorites from this meme.



My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: 

There are many more examples of this meme from amazing fan artists, but this round up seems sufficient to me. I’m sure that this meme will keep spreading until people outside of the anime community hear about it, especially due to the recent examples from the “Movies” section of the round up.


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