Young the Giant

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Courtesy of Young the Giant

Courtesy of Young the Giant

Popular indie rock band, Young the Giant, will be playing two sold out shows at The Fillmore, Silver Spring and Rams Head Live, Baltimore on February 23rd and 25th.

The Southern California band is well known for its top hits on the alternative chart, “Cough Syrup” and “My Body,” released on their first album Young the Giant in 2010.

I never really paid much attention to the band initially (aside from their two hits), but after listening to their new album Mind Over Matter, my iTunes library has expanded. Listen to the album free on SoundCloud!

Their beats are catchy and have a laid back sound that is comparable to indie bands, Vampire Weekend and Phoenix. The first album was repetitive so I lost interest. Mind Over Matter was released on January 21st. This new album is much more impressive and polished. It is about growing up and freedom and heartache, themes everyone can share.

The band has grown considerably since their first album and Mind over Matter showcases their new sound. The song “Crystallized” is just plain catchy and amazing. This album appeals to teens and young adults with its young sound and lyrics like, “This is where I come from, this is where I belong, With the beat of your drum, Not any other,” from the song “Crystallized”.

The track “It’s About Time” has a classical rock and roll feel and the guitar riffs remind me of The Arctic Monkeys. The chorus (as cheesy as it sounds) is quite magical and airy while maintaining the rocker edge throughout the rest of the song.

“Firelight” resembles The Beatles’ Norwegian Wood at first. It’s a nice break in the album with the slow sleepy tone. Sameer Gadhia’s voice is just simple and beautiful as he sings, “I don’t believe you; I’m in a parachute; Falling in deep; Sleep; Out of control; Can you feel it?”

This album is fresh and perfect for a summer road trip, so I can’t wait for temperatures to rise! I am glad to see the band is coming into their own skin, making each track memorable, fluid and original.


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