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In early 2011, Frederick County Commissioners President Blaine Young met with the editorial board of The Frederick News-Post to talk about a long list of issues that included the county budget and taxes. He also spent a short time talking about his political future and said in no uncertain terms that he would be a one-term county commissioner. The reason he gave was his two sons were both under 10 years old at the time and he wanted to always be around while they were growing up. Young said his own father, now Senator Ron Young, wasn’t around much while he was growing up and he wanted to set a different example for his children. A person only gets one shot at being around when the children are growing up, Young explained.

Later that fall, Young reiterated that point again – sort of. This time, while talking to News-Post Reporter Bethany Rodgers in November 2011 about his political future, he said the following:
“I said I’d only run for one term as county commissioner, and that’s my intent,” he said Monday. “I have no desire to run for county executive. No desire to run for Congress. No desire to run for state delegate or senator.”
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Course, Young never said anything about not running for governor. He later explored running for the state’s highest office, but eventually pulled out.
Now flash forward to Feb. 25, 2014 where Young announced to supporters that he will seek the county executive seat:

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The decision to run, according to Young, was left up to 13-year-old J.R. since his younger son, Andrew, was OK either way. To hear Young tell it, his older son didn’t make a decision until the very last moment. Still, we have to wonder this: It’s one thing for a politician to change his or her mind. It’s another to put the full weight of a life-changing decision on the shoulders of a 13-year-old. But that’s a discussion for another day.
In the meantime, Young will likely have some explaining to do to some of his supporters. Even those who back the Republican commissioners president are going to wonder if his heart is in this race – particularly after he was once heard on his WFMD radio show as saying the county doesn’t need a Blaine Young, Jan Gardner or David Gray as a county executive, but rather someone with new and fresh ideas.
So, if we take Young literally then Republican Mark Sweadner, the fourth candidate in the race, should finish strong. Stay tuned.


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