We are now in a world where the phrase “Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey” is not a joke

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The Oscars are over, just about everyone who was predicted to win won (I just got one wrong in my final Oscar predictions! *pats self on back*) and Matthew McConaughey can now be counted amongst other esteemed Oscar winners like Cuba Gooding Jr., Kim Basinger, Tatum O’Neal and Roberto Benigni.

There’s not much to say about the ceremony that hasn’t been said before — it was too long, too montage heavy, too self-congratulatory, too EVERYTHING. But I can’t completely hate on this year’s show, if only because the producers gave us this delightful pairing: acting veteran Kim Novak and Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey (I can’t deal with that phrase — not now, not ever):

Kim Novak, Matthew McConaughey

Because KIM NOVAK’S FACE. What is UP?! I think they filled it with the same material they use to make the Oscar statutes — how else can it stay as polished and indestructible and sparkling?

(Photo from The Associated Press)


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