Who is your #LHSHero?

by Olivia Goldstein. 0 Comments

With the stress that standardized tests put on students and teachers, sometimes it seems like book smarts are the only skills valued by schools.  Stephanie Lavender Weber, a Georgia teacher challenged that notion by starting a national trend with one simple tweet using the hashtag, “#evaluatethat.”

The movement stresses the importance of teachers who regularly go beyond the curriculum, recognizing good teaching that can’t be measured or tested.

Many people have used the hashtag including, one teacher who praised all teachers nationwide that looked after students during 9/11. The hashtag was also used by a parent to share a photograph of a teacher dressed in a princess costume reading to her class.

Inspired by Weber, I’d like to start a trend at Linganore High School. I challenge students to use #LHSHero and recognize a teacher(s) who has changed the way you look at learning.

One of my LHS heroes is Mrs. Dawn Murphy. I signed up for AP Human Geography just to have a class with her again. She makes learning personal and shares her stories making students seem like equals. Having her AP Psych class first period was the highlight of my day. I always left laughing or crying (depending on how lengthy the lecture was).

My #LHSHero is Mrs. Murphy, who makes the effort to put her students first, and coffee and tea on Friday is always a treat!

Mr. Christian Madenspacher (aka Mr. M) is probably the most patient teacher I know. He had to put up with my constant procrastination in art three (literally until the last day of the term). He allows young artists to create the pieces they want, while steering them on the path to quality. Also the use of Pandora Radio in class was very cool and got everyone through some frustrating painting days!

My #LHSHero is Mr. M, he is helpful when you don’t know what direction to go in by personally evaluating your work and giving constructive suggestions

Teachers are unsung heroes. Ask not what your teacher can do for you but what you can do for your teacher. Well you could start by tweeting your responses to #LHSHero.

Every warm thought counts in this cold educational world. As Kid President says, “You can be awesome.”


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