How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Email List

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Although there are a lot of ways to build an e-mail list and help it succeed, sometimes people try to be too reliant on practices that are brand new, rather than based on what’s already worked in the past.

For example, if you’re trying to tap into a market of people who are already interested in what you’re doing, look no further than Facebook. Keep reading and learn about a few Facebook-specific techniques that could help you build an e-mail list that’s practical and worthwhile.

Gain Attention With Giveaways

Facebook is a great place to spread the word about products and services you offer, but if you’re just getting started, chances are your email list is still nearly non-existent. Instead of feeling overwhelmed about how much progress you still have to make, think carefully about what kinds of giveaways would appeal to your Facebook friends, and then entice them to enter a contest in exchange for offering an e-mail address.

When using this technique, remember how it’s usually not necessary to offer big-ticket items, as long as your audience perceives the goodies as valuable. If a large percentage of your Facebook followers love tractors, you could offer protective covers that are personalized with the name of the winner’s farm or surname.

Alternatively, if your Facebook friends are into the eco-friendly way of life, you might use the social media site to launch a clothing site that makes garments out of recycled materials. Simply offer one lucky winner a gift certificate to your online store so he or she can see first-hand how you offer high-quality items.

Create Polls to Get Feedback

People usually love speaking their minds about new products, especially if they’re under the impression that doing so will support your business in a meaningful way. Consider making a Facebook poll that asks users a simple question, such as which new scent of soap should be offered next from your bath products shop, or the best color for a new homemade lip gloss you’re making.

Rather than just letting people make a choice and submit the response though, require them to leave their e-mail addresses. Also, make sure to let them know you’ll never sell their contact information to third-parties (unless of course that’s not true), and remind them that by offering their e-mails, they’ll be first to know what’s in store with your product line.

Use One-Click Apps

It’s also helpful to use apps that allow Facebook users to sign up for your e-mail list with only a single click. ActionSprout is one powerful tool that offers that capability.

It also makes things easier on your end because it helps determine which kinds of Facebook content is most likely to resonate with people who are ready to learn more about what you do, but probably don’t want to have to go through a lengthy sign-up process.

Once you try the suggestions above, it should become clear that making an effective e-mail list isn’t rocket science, and finding success may be as easy as turning to Facebook. Make things easy for your audience by offering incentives for things they’re likely to do anyway, and don’t make them go through hassles in order to stay in touch.


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