Life Through My Lens: My Photo Walk, Week 11 — Flower and Garden Show

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DSCN0009DSCN0020With a St. Patrick’s Day snowstorm predicted for tomorrow, today I went in search of spring.  It wasn’t in my yard, or even in my neighborhood, but I did find a promise of it in Hagerstown.  The 20th Annual Flower and Garden Show, sponsored by the Hagerstown Community College Alumni Association, was just the place to find it.

I took my knee wheeler stroller with me, and used it from the parking lot into the building, as well as all around inside.  Thankfully, there was good accessibility everywhere I went.  After paying my entry fee, I entered the exhibit area to find that it was full of vendors — more than one hundred of them.  I saw landscapers, garden flags, pottery, and artwork.  There were fresh herbs and orchids and spring flowers and even carnivorous plants.  Heavenly smells came from displays of potpourri, scented teas, herbal lotions and soaps, and candles.

DSCN0005DSCN0027Among the various vendors were also exhibits by master gardeners, extension agents, and local specialists.  Periodically there were demonstrations and talks on a variety of topics.  There were even a few “funky” things, like the wire man I found at the Maryland Regional Landscaping booth.

I, however, was in search of photos.  I stuck my camera into pots of flowers, focused on statuary, and honed in on textures.  Naturally, I had to buy a few things, as well.  I watched a demonstrator show how the beautifully painted pottery plates he had at his booth were actually like micro graters.  He was grating hard cheese, fresh ginger, nutmeg, and garlic on the amazing little plates.  Of course, I had to buy one of those.  I love art that is also functional.  My other purchases included a woven market basket and a cone of sugared almonds.

DSCN0030Seeing the flowers and lawn furniture and gardening tools today was enough to convince me that spring will be here soon.  We just have one more snow to get through, and in April, I will be tiptoeing through the tulips — literally!  I can’t wait!

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