Dead Smartphone Battery Anxiety? Not anymore.

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I am a big fan for technology that works on the first shot.  Now I’m not talking about something as simple as the Spork or as complex as a high-end sports car, but both of these things have their merits – but I digress.  In a previous life, when I worked retail at two of the Apple Stores in Maryland, I used to always tell people exactly what I thought of the technology that is made by Apple: “It just works.”

Although this article isn’t about an Apple-made product, it is about an Apple accessory; well, actually, an Apple and an Android accessory that, you guessed it,  just works.

I’m talking about the NOMAD ChargeCard and ChargeKey.


The ChargeCard smartphone charging system from NOMAD.

No, these are not things that you use when your checking account is at $0.00 and you really need that next Americano Coffee from Starbucks.  These are two, compact charging devices that you can carry with you wherever you go in either your pocket or on your keychain.

I’ll cut right to the chase: this device is highly convenient and inexpensive – both are only $29 and worth every penny.  The devices have been praised by such companies as Forbes, CNET and The New York Times.

Still not enough to convince you to get one of these revolutionary devices to make your mobile tech life less frustrating and more charged?  Well, here are five scenarios where the ChargeCard and ChargeKey worked for me (see if they sound familiar to your daily travels):

Scenario One:

My wife and I are out running errands, and without warning – even though her iPhone 5 had a 40% charge – it shuts off.  Knowing that it would not come back on without a charge, I plugged it into the auxiliary port of our SUV via a USB auxiliary plug and the NOMAD ChargeKey.  Unlike previous times when this same situation had come up, she was back up and running within about five minutes of charging.  Done.  On to the grocery store!

Scenario Two:

I was working on my next short story, as well as, doing some research for a few articles all while streaming Pandora Radio music from my iPhone 5 to a portable Bluetooth speaker.  I hadn’t paid attention to the charge on my phone and right in the middle of a Van Halen song, my iPhone shut off.  So as my MacBook Pro had a 93% charge on it, I used my NOMAD ChargeCard to plug my iPhone into my laptop by way of one of the USB ports.  In under a minute, my iPhone was back up and running, and I was able to listen to Sammy Hagar finish singing Run Around.  Nice.  Next paragraph!


An iPhone 5 plugged in to a MacBook Pro via the ChargeKey.

Scenario Three:

You’re stuck on an airplane for the next six hours and you really want to download and catch up on as much of The Walking Dead as possible.  But your charge cable is not working or you lost it.  Well, you can either grab your keychain and detach your NOMAD ChargeKey from it because you didn’t forget your car keys or you can reach into your wallet or purse and pull out your NOMAD ChargeCard and get to charging and downloading.  Now about that next episode of The Walking Dead?

Scenario Four:

With some hesitation to plug my iPhone in a computer that I hadn’t sync’d it to, I tried to plug it into both my PC and Mac Mini desktop computers.  Needless to say, nothing weird happened.  Although it provided the standard “Do you Trust this computer” message – to which I answered Yes – it didn’t give me a “About to re-format this device” warning.  The ChargeKey and ChargeCard work like a freakin’ boss – well, an awesome boss with magical charging abilities.  Oh yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about!

Scenario Five:

You’re talking to your friend via your hands-free headphones while commuting home from work.  The conversation runs too long and you get a “20% Charge Left” alert.  Needing to charge your phone, you grab your ChargeKey and, once again, you’ve got enough charge to continue that conversation.

So whether or not the above scenarios sounded even remotely like a situation where you have needed to charge your smartphone, having a ChargeCard or ChargeKey readily available at all times will provide some comfort when it comes to not having to worry about carrying around a long charging cable for your compact, mobile devices.

The NOMAD ChargeCard and ChargeKey are available now for iOS and Android devices.

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