Rosanne Cash concert at the Weinberg

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Just got back from the Weinberg  and the Rosanne Cash and John Leventhal acoustic show. Cash sang several songs from her latest CD “The River and The Thread,” which released in January, and talked about how she and Levanthal were inspired by the Deep South for this album. The toured aka performed and toured aka tourists on trips there in writing the songs.

When she asked the audience for requests, there was a slew of titles shouted out — none of which were clearly audible from my seat in the balcony. Her response to a request to play one of her father’s songs (Johnny Cash) was met with a witty response: “If you visit your father’s office, do you do his work?” (Audience laughs). Ha! She finally did sing a couple of songs he recorded, including “Tennessee Flat Top,” and recovered nicely when she began to sing the same verse twice.

And two of my favorite Rosanne Cash hits, “Runaway Train” and “Seven Year Ache” were in the set.

You can catch Rosanne Cash at the Weinberg Tuesday night, too, for a talk on writing songs and prose. It’s all part of Frederick Reads, which she called one of the top literary festivals in the country. She will be a the JBK Theater at FCC at 11 a.m. Tuesday. Both events are free.



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