From print to motion picture, The Fault in Our Stars, requires tissues

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Grab your tissue boxes. Author John Green’s, New York Times #1 bestselling novel, The Fault in our Stars is coming to theatres June 6. The compelling love story of two cancer-stricken teens will have you in tears.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a sixteen-year-old dealing with thyroid cancer. Her parents force her to go to a teen support group where she meets Augustus “Gus” Waters, a suave amputee in remission who shows Hazel she’s not a “sad story.” From there, the two embark on the heartache of young love, which is especially rough when time may be cut short.

The trailer was officially released on January 29th. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr blew up when the news hit. Greens’ following is huge. With brother Hank, the YouTube channel they share, the Vlogbrothershas nearly 2 million subscribers or “Nerdfighters” on their support team.

Based on the trailer, I know that I will cry as much, if not ten times more, than when I read the book. The trailer shows some of the best parts of the story and the emotion and the script is exactly how I imagined.

The film stars Shailene Woodley (Divergent) as Hazel and Ansel Elgort (Divergent) as Gus, who says, “The chemistry between us is so real.” William Dafoe (Spiderman) and Laura Dern (Jurassic Park) also make appearances in the film.

The majority of the novel’s fan base is on board with the film adaptation. Casting is a big part of a movie and I believe that the leads will be successful. Both Woodley and Elgort have been in major motion pictures but manage to remain under the radar. I really appreciate the use of actors who aren’t as well known because it amps up the believability, and I’m less likely to think of them as another character.

This story is an important one for this generation. Green gives an insight into a life that is shattered by an unpreventable illness, but Hazel doesn’t want to be a victim so she distances herself from others. She has to learn to accept love in the moment, and that’s a lesson everyone can learn.

“It’s a love story about two kids with cancer but it’s not about cancer,” Woodley said in a behind the scenes video.

In a recent video Green posted to the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel, entitled, Question Tuesday: TFIOS Movie, Existential Crises, and Symbolism, he said, “To be totally honest if I didn’t like it I’d probably still find good things to say about it… But in fact I actually love the movie.”

Green filmed a comedic behind the scenes video on the movie set in August. He has been active in the filmmaking process, describing it as, “I can’t keep my emotions in check at all. It’s just amazing.” He jokes around with Woodley and Elgort, teasing Elgort about painting miniature figurines.

“It’s actually amazing to see a story that for a long time existed only in my head, in my imagination, become visible, which is why I’m always laughing and crying,” Green said in a behind the scenes video.

The movie’s Facebook page posted a sneak peek video on March 26 featuring quotes from the cast and new scenes from the film. “It’s full of metaphors’ and they [Hazel and Gus] both accept this will be their only and last love,” Elgort said.

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