Research, Follow and Measure: Making the Most of Social Media for Your Business

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It’s fairly common knowledge that many people spend the majority of their online time on social media sites. Because of this, it makes sense that your business should take advantage of the opportunities that social media presents.

Maybe you’ve taken the initiative to create a Facebook page or Twitter account, maybe Instagram is a regular part of your daily routine. Now ask yourself — are you making the most of your business’s social media presence?

Follow the tips below to maximize your social media presence and potential. It’s simple and all comes down to doing the right research, following the right influencers and measuring your reach.

Research Before Creating

If the information you’re sharing doesn’t matter to your target market, you’re wasting your time, your company’s resources and the patience of your fans and followers. Don’t worry, this doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Google Trends makes it easy to find out what’s being discussed across the web, giving you an inside advantage when looking for ways to promote your brand or to relate to your target audience.

The tool allows anyone with a Google account to find insight on the latest Google search queries — it presents data-backed results on what’s being searched and rising related keywords. This can be broken down by country or another area, which can be especially useful when trying to maximize social media presence.

Take the time to check out Google trends daily, look for keywords that are popular and try to create content that fits these terms. Share what you create across your social media accounts. This increases social reach as well as search engine ranking potential. It’s all about research.

Follow the Right Influencers

You know content matters — it keeps your blog moving, it drives interest in your company and it can be shared on social media without limitations. But are you writing the right content? Is the information you’re taking to your target market worth their time? Is it sharable? Is it even of interest? These are critical questions to ask before even taking the time to put content together. If writing isn’t your strong point, it can be downright frustrating.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, there are probably subject matter experts and influencers in your industry and outside of it that could provide much-needed inspiration when it comes to content creation. Look for bloggers and brands that promote content that appeals to you as far as subject matter. Follow them.

Pay attention to the content they create and think about how it could be relevant to your own audience. If you’re writing about an evaluation degree and a specific university creates content that you think could be modified to fit your audience, consider emulating. Be careful, however, not to plagiarize, and for best results, cite the original source. Consider tagging your influencer in your post for an increased chance of social sharing. Following the right influencers can be an excellent way to spark some creativity on your end.

Measure Your Results

If you have yet to sign up for Google Analytics, now is the time. This targeted measurement tool allows brands to track specific blog posts’ popularity.

Look for trends within your own content strategy, and if certain topics consistently fall flat, avoid them. If others are usually shared, these are topics to avoid.

Inside Google Analytics, look at in-page analytics, referral sources, keywords and search engine traffic and overall traffic to specific posts over time — sometimes it takes a while for a post to go viral, but the results can be impressive. Pay specific attention to social media referral sources. This will give a better idea of which networks are most worth your time — sometimes narrowing your focus is the best course of action.

Measure the results of your social media efforts on a regular basis and make modifications when necessary to ensure best results.

Social media doesn’t have to be an overwhelming endeavor. Instead, it can be an excellent way to connect with your target market and to position yourself as a leading brand in your field or industry. It just takes a little time. It should all start with researching, following and measuring; it really is that simple.


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