Tidbits: One Question with Ian Vanek of Japanther

by Cassandra Mullinix. 0 Comments

Japanther’s music has been self-described as “Slayer for girls” and “when Beavis and Butt-head have that dream about being on stage at the concert.” The band has been featured on video games such as “Grand Theft Auto 4” and “Skate 3,” as well as HBO’s series “True Blood,” but they are still just a punk band at heart with shows that range from outrageous exhibitions of visual art and sound, to bare-bones, hole-in-the-wall club shows.

So, at Bucket Of Rock we just wanted to ask lead singer, Ian Vanek one question: When it’s just you and Matt on stage and you don’t have anything extra to work with to make the show some sort of special exhibition, how to do you make those shows stand out?

“We try to put in an un-godly – well, actually, godly – amount of energy. We try to channel everything we’ve got at that moment. Sometimes it’s not too much, and sometimes it’s a whole lot. When we give all of our energy to the people, to the crowd, then they respond equally and they give their energy back. That creates something really special and beautiful and you don’t have to have people be on the floor, or dress up, to create that energy. It’s nice when you do, and it’s easy to inspire people’s imagination that way, but I think with purely, true positive energy and goodwill in a very unbridled honest and authentic expression, you can let people see the freedom you are experiencing and they will experience some type of that freedom. And to me, that’s what going to a live music concert is all about.” – Ian Vanek


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