How to Stand Out on the Facebook Newsfeed

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In recent years, Facebook has become the Holy Grail for businesses. Everyone is vying for proper market space on the social media platform, which recently reported reaching 1.23 billion monthly active users.

However, with popularity comes a drawback for business. Lots of companies are fighting to fill valuable space in a potential client’s newsfeed, which is already full of updates from their friends and the other pages they follow. Moreover, with Facebook recently announcing that they are limiting the reach of business posts, it is more important than ever to make sure your posts are effective, with a good click-through rate and sharing appeal.

The first thing that a business owner must do is rethink their current Facebook posting strategy if the results are not meeting expectations. A lot of times, businesses will just serve up self-promotional post that they may think is useful, but actually provides very little to the end users and thus goes unnoticed with little interaction. Below are five points to help regain focus and find success on the Facebook newsfeed!

The Upcoming Event Post

With so many other things going on in a given year (besides major holidays), you should create posts that capture all of that free buzz. From the recent blood moon to Earth Day and national food months, if you look hard enough, you can find something. There may be a little creativity required on your part to tie it in with your business, but the nice thing here is that since this post offers value and information, all you need to do is tie it in loosely with your company. It is best to write an article that covers the upcoming event, provide details and information on your website and post with a link to that page. This will cause people to visit your site and learn more about you.

Freebie Post

Who doesn’t love free stuff? More importantly, if something is tailored to our needs and it says free, regardless if we are skeptical or not, we are going to check it out. This is a perfect post that screams engagement. Say your business revolves around the concept of a vascular interpretation preceptorship, and you are targeting vascular physicians on Facebook. Offering a free eBook or covering studies about new tests being done within that field would be beneficial for your target Facebook audience. This will create clicks and shares since it’s useful information for people within the field. The goal here is to have them click a link and give you their email address so you can send them the link to download the free eBook; thus, growing your newsletter list of targeted potential clients.

Bright, Colorful, and Well-Taken Pictures

This is a must nowadays. With every post you share on Facebook to your target audience, you must include nice photos. Social media revolves around pictures now, from motivational quotes to cats doing outrageous things.  It is not good enough to just write sensational headlines; you must put it in a visual format. Creating high quality images of your products is a great start – having beautiful pictures will promote sharing and that is exactly what you are looking for. Also, they do not need the picture that accompanies the post on your site; you have the option to upload an image for the post while you are writing it. So, make sure you have a nice picture and well written text to help boost awareness.

The Giveaway Post

Different from number two in the sense that you may not be giving something away you created or something directly related to your business. The most common giveaways tend to be things like iPads and other gadgets, but you can do anything. The point here is the generate buzz about the contest and this naturally puts your page (and posts) in front of more people. Using a program like Rafflecopter, is very beneficial here. You can make every share, like, and or email one entry. So the more they engage with you on a social platform, and get their friends to, they increase their odds of winning. This can boost your social influence across the board. So find something your audience will like, not related to your company, buy it, and give it away.

Post Content Consistently

Believe it or not, companies tend to see high social media metrics when they post content at set times daily. This is a long term strategy, ad repetition is key to gaining market space. If people see you every day, they start to trust the brand and will recall it. By adding value daily, you show you are serious about what you do and love engaging with the online community. Moreover, since having consistent posts increases engagement, you will begin to see overall success from Facebook. However, to add value, do not simply post self-serving advertisements. Doing this will prohibit you from cracking the Facebook newsfeed and finding success.


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