The ABC’s of Transit: B is for biking

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When Baron Karl von Drais invented the “dandy horse” in the early 1800’s, his intention was creating a different way of transportation. His conception had two wheels and a straddle on top of which you sat and propelled yourself with your feet. The first “bike” was made entirely of wood and had no pedals. The German inventor displayed his “walking machine” in several countries; the machine being known as the modern bicycle’s forerunner.dandy_on_dandy_horse

The evolution of biking has provided the average commuter with a healthier, smarter, and less expensive alternative to driving a single occupancy vehicle. As most all Metropolitan Washington transit systems provide access to bike parking/loading, including TransIT Services of Frederick County, it makes sense that Bike to Work day increases in popularity each year.

Bike to Work Day is a regional event with 79 pit stops and over 14,000 participants. This celebration of bicycle friendly communities across the region allows commuters to enjoy snacks, raffle prizes, and the company of other bicycle enthusiasts. Frederick’s pit stop will be located at the Transit Center on 100 South East Street on Friday, May 16th and will feature donuts, coffee, music, patch kits, and great raffle prizes including the chance to win a FREE bicycle from The Bicycle Escape. The event is from 6:30-8:30am rain or shine.

Registration is free and includes a free t-shirt to the first 14,000 registrants. Bring a business card to register the day of the event and to enter for raffle drawings. TransIT bus rides are free for cyclists on Bike to Work day! Sign up at

Join bicycle friendly Frederick for food, fun, prizes and a healthier commute. Learn more about commuting options at



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