Life Through My Lens: Misty Morning Magic

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_DSC2374-Edit_DSC2364-EditWhen I saw the mist this morning, my first thought was to get out to my favorite location for photographing wonderfully beaded spider webs, dripping with dew.  However, my effort was thwarted by miles of traffic backed up on Rt. 144, so I turned around and came back home.  After all, there is a farm with wire fencing bordering my neighborhood, so that’s where I explored with my camera in hand, looking for webs.

_DSC2400-Edit_DSC2379Webs were few and far between, but there were filaments on barbed wire, leaves covered with mist, and plenty of opportunity for me to not only get my macro lens focused on great subjects, but also to get my shoes soaking wet.

After tramping through weeds and tall grass, I returned home, only to spy a wonderful web buried deep between the bushes by my front door.

_DSC2377_DSC2376-Edit-EditIf you want to get photos like these, the best equipment to take with you is your macro lens, your tripod, and perhaps a kneeling pad or something to sit on in wet grass, in case the webs are down low.  If you don’t have a macro lens or even a DSLR camera, the “flower” setting on your point-and-shoot may help you to get a good close-up.  For  tall grasses on misty mornings, pack the rubber boots.  Afterwards, do a check for ticks.  I just felt one crawling across my hand as I was typing this entry.  ‘Tis the season.

_DSC2389Just in case you are wondering where my favorite location is for spider webs, it is on the wire fences at the Thomas Farm, part of the Monocacy Battlefield.  Maybe on the next misty morning, barring any traffic jams, I will see you there.

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