The One-Legged Tripod

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Simple is brilliant.  But finding something that is both simple ‘and’ brilliant is not always easy.  Thankfully, more and more these days things that are simple and brilliant are finding me.

I will save you the details on how this latest piece of technology made it to my door, but what I will tell you about is the Une Bobine from [FUSE] Chicken.

The Une Bobine is, “The world’s most flexible iPhone charger,” or so [FUSE] Chicken has claimed.  So I put it to the test.

To date I have used it to hold my iPhone 5 in both portrait and landscape orientations while I (a) make FaceTime calls, (b) make hands-free calls while commuting to / from work and, most importantly, (c) when I needed to take a few family pictures.  From what I have experienced to date with the device, I definitely agree that it is truly a “one-legged tripod”.


Simple packaging. Awesome device.

The only criticism that I can provide for the device is that, at times, it took me a few tries to get it to stay in one position – hence, it is truly flexible.  Also as the majority of the device is metal, it would be nice if an optional silicon, rubber or bendable-plastic cover could be provided so that there is more of a buffer between the device and whatever it is resting on.  Finally as the end of the device where the iPhone docks is solid, it would be nice to have a channel of sorts that projects the sound from the speaker on the bottom of the iPhone.

But throughout my review phase of the device, it has provided a stable base for my iPhone that would have otherwise been rather tedious to set up if it hadn’t been for the ‘infinite’ uses of the device:


One dock. Infinite configurations.

Criticism aside, the Une Bobine is an eloquent, versatile and inexpensive ($34.95) dock that no iPhone smartphone owner should be without.  Check out [FUSE] Chicken’s website for more information on the Une Bobine and the other great products that they provide.

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