How to Amp Up Your Following on Pinterest

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People love looking at images on the Internet, so it’s no wonder that Pinterest is one of the most popular social media outlets. The visually-driven website allows you to showcase your interests through predominantly image-based means. However, what’s the point of sharing these pictures if no one sees them?

In the Internet world, the number of followers you have dictates your rank in the social media kingdom. Getting a steady following and building upon it is the key to having a successful Pinterest account.

Share Often

The easiest way to get your name out there is to share plenty of content and share often. As is the case with most things, the more you put yourself out there, the more people will see you. At the very least you should be pinning or sharing content once a day — however, you’ll get more visibility with more posts.

Coming up with your own content is a good thing to do once you have a steady following. If you’re still trying to get new followers, share posts from the people you follow. Add your own two cents — “Saw this on so-and-so’s Pinterest and LOVED IT” — or come up with a cute bit about it as long as you acknowledge the original source. You can also comment on some of the popular pins to get yourself known.

Know Your Audience

Pinterest is, first and foremost, a way for you to express your interests. If you want to get more of an audience, you have to find a way to convey the things you like in a way that is interesting to other people. If you know what kind of following you want with your Pinterest account, you’ll be able to cater to their wants and post content that will get more attention.

This is especially useful for business-driven Pinterests. A furniture store in Harrisburgwill want to know its target audience — young entrepreneurs interested in office furniture will have a different perspective from stay-at-home mothers who want a new dining room table. Showcase your products while posting stuff that they’ll enjoy. It’s also good to know how general attitudes change throughout the week and to post accordingly.

Organize Your Boards

One of the nice things about Pinterest is you can organize everything you share. By keeping many boards, you can show your wide range of interests to your followers — while getting more followers. For example, I’m a big fan of baking and sports. Because there isn’t much overlap with those two subjects, I keep separate boards for each of them instead of lumping everything together. It makes it easier for people to find specific pins of yours by doing this. Also, you can attract people who are just interested in baking or people who are just interested in sports with this method.

Remember to limit your boards to only a few hundred images. If you feel you’ve got too many images in one board, create a new one. You don’t want to overwhelm your new followers with thousands of images about fashion. Make them more specific, such as “summer sundresses” or “office style,” to help your followers.

Pinterest has the potential for dramatically boosting your online presence. Pinning interesting images with fun comments is engaging — when people are interested, they always want more. As long as you can keep your Pinterest active and organized, you can get plenty of followers in no time.


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