Boosting Your Videos in YouTube’s Search Results

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Today, there are dozens of social media platforms available right at our fingertips. Of course, we all know the powers and capabilities of Facebook and Twitter. But, did you know of the far-reaching capabilities that YouTube presents for businesses that are trying to promote themselves?  If done correctly, your company, business or product can reach a billion of users. Thus, YouTube is not just a site to visit to watch funny cat videos. It can be a great marketing and promotional tool for your business if you know how boost your videos search results. Follow this guide to learn how to improve your videos rankings and reach your intended audience(s).

1. Optimize Your Video for Search

Yes, the main way videos become viral is through word of mouth, but in order for people to start talking about your company, or product, they need to be able to find it! The first step to do this is to make sure that your video has a good title and description and that your keyword tags work.

One way to improve your keyword tags is by using YouTube’s Keyword Suggestion Tool to determine the best keywords for your particular video. Your keywords are very important because they are how you reach your intended audience. Your keywords tell YouTube if your video is relevant to any given search and they also explain to your audience what your video is about. You will want to include about 10 keyword tags in the description of your video. Finally, make sure the description of your video is unique, accurate and uses complete sentences.

2. Put Keywords in Your Title

By putting keywords in the title of your video, it will be easier for your audience to find your content. Ultimately, you want your title to explain exactly what your video is about. As a business, you may create a title around a product that will change its industry in some way. For example, Nike marketed its new soccer cleat in its title saying: “Nike Magista: Football will never be the same.” This is an example of an effective title because it tells their viewer about the video, but also does not give too much away, which makes us want to watch it.

3. Spread the Word

Aside from just using YouTube’s search engine capabilities, it is important that you spread your video elsewhere. This can be through word of mouth and by using other forms of social media. To get more views, tweet your video and share it to Facebook. You can also advertise your YouTube video with YouTube – here’s a Google AdWords advertising tutorial.


To put all of these tips together, say your business is one that excels in creating custom cabinetry. A business like this could create a video and post it onto YouTube to explain their expertise in creating custom cabinets. For instance, some of the keyword tags that the company could use could be custom kitchen cabinetry and kitchen remodel. In the description, they would want to explain why you would want to choose them to redo your kitchen and where they are located. In the title of their video, they would want to include some of their keywords. Finally, the company would also want to post their video on other social media sites in order to better promote their business and get more customers¡


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