Life Through My Lens: Yarn Bombs!

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DSCN0262DSCN0268-2If you’ve walked or driven along E. Patrick Street in downtown Frederick in the past few days, you surely have noticed a colorful change in the landscape.  Those boring old parking meters are suddenly wearing colorful sweaters.  Even the mile marker in front of the vintage clothing store is wrapped in a custom made outfit.  What happened?  How did colorful knitted and crocheted “clothing” for meters and signs come about?  The answer is that downtown Frederick was “yarn bombed.”

According to this Wikipedia article, yarn bombing is thought to have originated in Texas in the 1990’s as a way for knitters to use up their leftover yarns.  It has since spread worldwide, as a form of public street art. Bridges, statues, and even public buses have been yarn bombed.  Unlike graffiti, which is harmful and difficult to remove, yarn bombs are temporary, colorful, eye-catching, and easy to remove.

yarn bombs

DSCN0272-2DSCN0263-2Why Frederick?  Why did knitters and crocheters choose East Patrick Street for their yarn bombs?  Well, if you haven’t noticed, there is a relatively new yarn shop on the corner of E. Patrick and N. Carroll Streets, called The Knot House.  About 20 knitters and crocheters who frequent this shop banded together and created the “outfits” for their chosen targets.  The art was going to come down on Sunday, but the feedback from area merchants and passersby has been so positive, it will stay up a little longer.  Here is a blog entry from The Knot House about the project:

Thank you, Knot House, for a fun change to the landscape.  I look forward to seeing what you do next!

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