3 Steps to Promote Your Blog and Business through Social Media

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Does your business write an exciting blog, but not many people know about it? You know your business would take off if only there was a way to increase your number of readers.

When people come across an interesting blog post, they’ll share it to get as many likes and retweets as possible. This works in your favor, and you can take advantage of it by tweaking a few things in your blog’s relationship with social media.

1. Bring your blog comments and Facebook comments together.

Let’s say people really like your post, and instead of commenting on the blog, they decide to share it via Facebook. Maybe it receives a lot of likes, comments, and shares, but then the source is forgotten. This creates a great social media presence on Facebook, but then your blog isn’t getting the press it deserves.

To fix this simple problem,attach your blog comments to your Facebook comments. Now people can see that others are talking about your post from many different networks. This heightens interest in your blog, promotes further sharing, and inspires conversation in your readers.

You can use this same mechanism with other social media accounts, such as Twitter and Pinterest. Put them under headings such as, “What are people saying about this post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.”

2. Create quotes worthy of status updates.

People love to share meaningful quotes. It earns them likes and retweets, and it makes them feel philosophical. If you ever stumbled across a good quote on someone’s status update, you may have thought, “Wow, that’s interesting. Who said that?”

Take advantage of this. When developing blog content, make sure you have a few quotable sentences that stick out and entice your readers to spread the word, and then provide them with the tool to do so. ClicktoTweet is one such tool that allows readers to easily tweet content from your blog.

This doesn’t just have to apply to your blog; Longmont United Hospital frequently posts thoughtful and useful updates to their Facebook and Twitter, such as this one, which their followers liked and shared:


Keep in mind that shorter is better. It stays in your reader’s mind longer, takes up less space and time to read, and it’s catchier if you can put a lot of meaning into just a few words.

3. Start contests and giveaways.

“Free stuff” are two words anyone wants to hear. There’s an easy way to promote your business and gain a lot of followers in a short amount of time.

Hold contests and offer giveaways for people who follow your blog, Twitter, or Facebook. Make it as simple as, for example, one entry in a drawing for following you and one more entry for sharing a post or hash-tagging your business.

facebook-prizesOther companies have used this idea before. T.J.Maxx frequently holds contests on Instagram if followers type #maxxinista in their post. Their names can be drawn for multiple prizes like discounts and gift cards. As a result of these contests, T.J.Maxx promotes their business through branding.

However, you must be careful if you start a contest because nothing is free of course. Keep careful records of the giveaways, especially if they’re taking money out of your company’s pocket. If time is scarce or you need someone to keep records for you, find someone for audit representation.

It’s as easy as that. These three simple steps will engage more people in your blog and your business. People appreciate it when social networks are easier to navigate and offer rewards for their interest. With the use of a few tools, you can have a greater social media presence.


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