Give Your Social Media Visuals a Boost

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In order to succeed in the world of social media, there is a growing body of opinion that it’s necessary to have original visual media that goes with each post. That means not trying to find an image you think will be popular with your viewers, but actually using a tool like Photoshop so that the picture accompanying your post is all your own.

Why Is That Important?

Obviously, creating your own social media images adds work for you, meaning you may understandably be questioning whether it’s really worth it. Beyond that, you may also be asking yourself why custom-made visuals resonate so strongly with viewers.

According to a study performed last year by the Pew Research Group, 54 percent of people who use the Internet have posted either an image or video online that they’ve created themselves. Since Internet users are behaving in that way, it makes sense that they would also appreciate businesses that do the same. Keep reading and get some solutions that could be helpful in allowing your social media visuals to make maximum impacts.

Cause Visceral Reactions

Have you ever seen a picture online or elsewhere and instantly fallen in love with it, even without being able to explain why? If so, you’ve just experienced what it’s like to have a visceral reaction to visual content. Being simulated like that is a subconscious response that takes place in that part of the brain that’s responsible for survival instincts.

Your task will be hard if you set out with the sole goal of creating such a response. However, if you begin by simply trying to become more aware of the kinds of emotional responses your images create in yourself and others, it should go a long way in letting your visuals shine online.

Use Visuals to Educate

Pictures can be very helpful if your visuals are used to demonstrate the advantages of a product, especially if a user may have seen the item in the real world before, but could not remember what it was called. Handscraped bamboo flooring is a great example because it is used in a wide variety of settings, and although many people love its rustic and distinctive look, they don’t know the industry name for that type of flooring. That’s why it’s important to create tags or captions that are educational and related to the images you’re posting on social media.

Justify Your Efforts

Initially, when you got the suggestion to start crafting your own visuals for social media, you may have felt woefully ill equipped. Fortunately though, there are many tools on the Internet to help, even if you’re a novice when it comes to graphic design.

The important thing to remember is, there’s no use in making an image just for the sake of it. Pictures should always drive your overall marketing goals in some way. Otherwise, you’ll risk people getting bored because they don’t see the value in the pictures you’ve made.

Start Small to Increase Your Confidence

Get started by working with the Presentation tool within Google Drive. It’s free to use, and by thinking of your images as slides in a presentation, you’ll start to develop a strong appreciation for the fact it’s usually better to create images that say just a few things to your users, rather than trying to overwhelm them with information.

Most of us have probably sat in a lecture and hurriedly tried to scribble down everything that was on a PowerPoint slide, instead of simply listening to what the presenter was saying and picking out the highlights delivered either through the person’s voice or the visual media.

By going with a “less is more” approach when creating your images, you’ll not only have the best chance of creating something others will notice, but you’ll also be working in a way that’s likely to make you feel confident and capable even if this is your first foray into being a graphic designer•


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