Trollin’ on Netflix: “Leprechaun”

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So, after the primary election, coverage of the Battle at Monocacy’s 150th anniversary and regular day-to-day duties, I got a bit burnt out recently and neglected my pop-cultural blogging duties (“Wait, you had a blog?” — everyone).

But now I’m baaaaaaack, and I’m starting again with the highly anticipated new entry into my internationally beloved Trollin’ on Netflix series, which, I’m sure you remember, is me talking about all the awful horror movies I stream on Netflix Instant (of which there is a never-ending supply).

For the third entry, I present to you …


Now, there’s a little history between me and this 1993 masterpiece. Namely … Sir Warwick Davis.

Warwick Davis
Warwick, as many as you obviously know, got his big break as Wicket the Ewok in the third “Star Wars” film, “Return of the Jedi.” And I was straight-up OBSESSED with Ewoks as a kid, to the point where, when I saw a Disney World employee dressed up as an Ewok when I was about 6 years old, the mutual joy was evident:


So, obviously, Warwick and I go way back — I haven’t even mentioned the masterpiece that is “Willow” — but for whatever reason, I never watched his most notorious film until now, despite constant Saturday afternoon airings on the Sci-Fi channel during my childhood. And its reference in the best scene from “Wayne’s World 2.”

But, much to my surprise, “Leprechaun” has so many wondrous gifts to offer its viewers. Let me share with you my five favorite, shall I?

1. Jennifer Aniston’s first big-screen appearance (and with her original nose!)

The first episode of “Friends” premiered about a year after “Leprechaun” came out, but there really isn’t anything she can do with her career that’ll top her acting in this scene:

Oddly enough, she and that shriveled puppet hand actually have better chemistry than she had with Gerard Butler in “Bounty Hunter.”

2. A delightfully incoherent plot

“Leprechaun” is the age-old fable of an evil leprechaun who hunts down and murders anyone who takes his gold, which appears in a car at the end of a rainbow in one of the film’s many flawless special effects:

The gold falls into the hands of Aniston; her hunky love interest with a beautiful early-90s mullet; his annoying younger brother; and Otto, the brother’s mentally challenged friend, who hopes to use the leprechaun gold to fix his brain and become smart (that’s an actual plot point).

(That’s Otto after swallowing one of the gold coins … also an actual plot point.)

The rest of the film is the titular Leprechaun (masterfully played by Sir Warwick) chasing after the group, and it’s here that the film’s coherency takes a little nap and checks out for a while: Basically, the Leprechaun can magically teleport himself anywhere:

… which I don’t think is actual Irish lore? Same for when he JUMPS OUT OF THE REFRIGERATOR, WHUT?!:

It’s also revealed that the Leprechaun’s weaknesses are his shoe fetish and four-leaf clovers because how else you gonna kill an evil leprechaun in your evil leprechaun movie!?! A gun?


3. The fact that the filmmakers realized what they were making was ridiculous.

Apparently, during production, the director decided to make “Leprechaun” more of a horror comedy than the darker scary movie that was pitched, leading to numerous scenes involving the Leprechaun riding around on a tricycle:

A toy car:

“Is there a problem, officer?”

And roller skates, because why not embarrass Warwick Davis even more:

They also give him super strength for some reason, but, hey, I’m not complaining:

4. The casting of actor Mark Holton.

About halfway through “Leprechaun,” as the film’s awfulness had fully washed over me and numbed my senses, I suddenly bolted up from my couch and screamed, “Hold up. HOL’. UP. … Is Otto played by Francis from ‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure?!'”

IT IS!!!! Thus, this film gave me the opportunity to use my favorite “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” .gif … and possibly my favorite .gif of all time:

5. “Leprechaun’s” legacy.

The first film became an unexpected sleeper hit in theaters and on video, leading to the inevitable sequel:

… Which lead to a very healthy life with all those “Land Before Time” movies in Straight-to-Video Purgatory in the late ’90s and early ’00s:

(And I’m not even going to acknowledge the new reboot starring WWE wrestler Hornswoggle because Warwick Davis is not involved, so it is not worth my time.)

But these cheapo sequels were insightful and probing examinations into the U.S.’s flawed immigration system, shining a light onto the injustices and difficulties foreigners face when trying to make a living in America and JUST KIDDING, they’re just more dumb leprechaun shenanigans, including:

Meeting Elvis

Acquiring sweet new moves:

Exploding in space:

And this:


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